Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Steppin with Benji Marshall

By: David Riley
Location: NF 920 RIL
Genre: Kiwi Sportsman

" As a young Maori boy from a small town. My life shows that anything is possible.
If I can do it- then so can YOU!
Dreams do come true"
Benji Marshall.

I have met Benji Marshall, I took some of our students down for a signing of his book- he was such a gentleman, kind and he had time for our boys! He was no show pony, but a guy who was chatting to some of our students as equals! They came back to school buzzing and the guitar Benji signed- a cherished family relic.
This book is to inspire you, that you can achieve your dreams, even if you face struggles in life, you can do it.
Benji was born in the small town of Whakatane, he grew up with no Dad and his Mum was 16 years old when he was born, his foster dad died of cancer, some of his challenges were huge. However he became an NRL premiership winner, a world champion, the face of rugby league and one of the best players in the world.
This book tells you how Benji did it and how you can achieve your dreams as well.

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