Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Academy: Game on

By: Monica Seles
Location: FIC SEL
Genre: Sport Fiction

Drama in sports- really! The America's Cup that our nation should win tomorrow has drama, it has scandel, it has cheats, it takes buckets loads of money and yet despite that Team New Zealand will win it fair and square. Tennis is another sport that has big money and big headlines. Monica Seles was a world number one- so who better to write a story on the drama of tennis!

Young tennis star Maya's dreams have finally come true when she earns a scholarship to The Academy. Plucked from her small town, Maya moves to the sports training facility and boarding school to  start the beginning of her pro tennis career. But Maya's fantasy of The Academy doesn't quite match the reality. Because where there are hot, talented teens, there's a lot of drama. Meet the players:
Cleo: Maya's rebel/punk roommate who is nearing the top of the golf world.
Renee: The gorgeous swimmer with enough money to buy her way into The Academy.
Nicole: A tennis star who feels threatened by Maya (but she'd never admit it).
Travis: The son of The Academy owner--perfectly groomed to be the next NFL star.
Jake: Travis' younger brother--the bad boy to his brother's good.

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