Friday, September 13, 2013

Tomorrow there will be Apricots

By: Jessica Soffer
Location: FIC SOF
Genre: Family and food

This is the story of lost love, of love trying to be found, rediscovered and made right. It is about hope and even if some relationships are so damaged, there are others that can flourish. It is about the power of the elderly to inspire the young! And what joins it all together- food!

The story begins with a school suspension for 14-year-old Lorca. Lorca is a good kid with a very disturbing habit: cutting. The suspension forces her mother to make a difficult decision and send Lorca to a boarding school.

Before Lorca is shipped off to a new school, she is determined to change her mother’s mind. What better way to change a chef’s mind than with food?

In her quest to cook the perfect dish for her mother, Lorca searches for the recipe that her mother admires—masgouf, a traditional Iraqi dish. Lorca enlists the help of newly widowed Victoria, former proprietor of the restaurant that served the perfect dish, at least according to her mother.

Victoria, is a Jewish immigrant from Baghdad,  who never dealt with adopting their only child. In the wake of her husbands death, Victoria becomes determined to find their daughter and make amends. Her neighbor, Dottie, cons her into hosting a cooking class, to which only one person shows up: Lorca. The two of them strike up a friendship and when Victoria learns that Lorca’s mother was adopted, she begins to hope that Lorca is her family.

Thanks to Natalie and Jeanne from for there help on this one:) Its Friday afternoon!

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