Friday, September 20, 2013

Blogs Away

By: Glenys Bichan
Location: Africa
Genre: Educational Aid

Well folks this blog will be quiet for a month, until October 21st in fact. I am a bit sad as we have had 49,973 hits on this blog- was hoping to crack the 50,000 before I left.
 I am heading to Tanzania and Ghana with RATA. This is an organisation that helps those teachers who have not had the previledge of formal training  to be trained by a team of New Zealand teachers in numeracy, literacy, classroom management and of course books!
This is an annual thing for me and you can  check out our organisation on
It is a real joy to be part of something that makes a difference, that empowers teachers so kids get a better chance.
Sure the showers- actually what showers? the buckets of water might be cold and the heat might be really hot- but it is worth it. I wont suffer to much though, the people make up for the discomfort.

I also have my E-Reader loaded ready to go. Perfect by Rebecca Joyce, the Story Teller by Picoult, and Bandaid for a Broken Leg- should keep me humming!

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