Monday, September 9, 2013


By:Tom Gauld
Location: Gra Gau
Genre: Goliath- in a graphic novel

There are some stories that are forever stories. Little David, last son of a large family, a unnoticed shepherd boy who is made to look after a few sheep. In his spare time he plays with a sling, kills a few bears, and deals to a lion, but really a kid brother who no-one worries much about.
That is until his big mouth declares he can fight a giant- his brothers must of cringed. It would be like a wee puny Yr 9 declaring he could be the half back for the 1st XVI- imagine what his Yr 13 brothers would be thinking?
The thing is David did it- he slayed the giant and hacked off his head- now that is a story.
I love this graphic version, it is understated. it is clever and it plays with Goliath and Davids relationship.
It is well done!

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