Tuesday, September 10, 2013


By: China Mieville
Location: FIC MIE
Genre: Steampunk x Dystopia x Moby Dick

This book comes with rave reviews. It is Moby Dick story revisited in a dystopian world where steampunk rules.
It has pirates, scavengers and hunters in a post modern world- and people talk about it being like Earthsea Quartet, or The Hobbit, or Lemony Snickett....
It was described best by Darren from Goodreads this way:

 Waving a flag of piratical abandon, Mieville sets sail on a saga of Weird Adventure that's as good as any I've read. Harpoon-wielding mole-hunters ride the rails of this (post-apocalyptic? post-capitalist? post-satirical?) world, tracking their blind, bewhiskered, be-fanged philosophies and dodging the attentions of wreckers, train-pirates and a host of over-sized beasties intent on their ruin.
Into this world a young lad ventures and it's largely through his eyes (save for the odd diversion or switch-back) that we learn about the Railsea and, ultimately, come to learn just how the world came to be covered with the miles and acres and oceans of railway tracks.
 Mieville has created a rip-roaring yarn worthy of any of the great tale-spinners of the last two centuries. Put your feet up, put the kettle on and let Mieville build up a head of narrative steam that will carry you through the pages with ease

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