Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Death of Bees

By: Lisa O'Donnell
Location: FIC ODO
Genre: Family Survival, Coming of Age.

Whenever a book is written about surviving abuse, one thing will always be sure- it wont be an easy read. This book isn't. It is dark. Two sisters sick of the abuse they suffer at the hands of their father ensure he exists no more- the mother who has watched this abuse decides for herself she can no longer escape. The two girls then have a problem- how do you dispose of two dead bodies- well you bury them in your own back yard and carry on as if nothing has happened. But it has- lots has.
Marnie who is 15 spirals out of normalcy leading a life of drugs use, drinking and under age sex. Nelly her sister escapes by speaking the Queens English and pouring coke on her cornflakes each morning. Lennie the old guy- he lives next door and figures something is up and he starts to get nosey, and caring...
Can he help bring healing and hope, or is he another sexual pervert in the wings?
It is not often we "Senior Fiction" a book and we have this one- its type set and design make it look like a great read for all students- but to be honest the themes dealt with in a real and unwavering way, its bluntness make this compassionate yet raw book not something for all to read... just yet!

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