Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly

By: Stephanie Oakes
Location: FIC OAK
Genre: Mystery thriller, cult-life, lies vs reality 

"I am a blood-soaked girl." The first lines of the novel gripped me.

Minnow Bly was taken to live in a cult with her family when she was a child. The cult's leader, the Prophet, had created a religion to suit him, and everyone in the cult community went along with it. No one questioned the Prophet's stories and intentions until Minnow.
For this she had her hands chopped off.
Minnow hated life in the cult (especially after her hands were cut off!) and planned to leave.
The opportunity arose when the Prophet died- so she ran.

What happens next is we find out about the stories Minnow shares with a friend Angel, stories within her head, and with an FBI psychologist.

This story was a riveting read and the whole way through I was working out what the truth was.

This is Stephanie Oake's debut novel and I am very impressed.

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