Monday, September 2, 2013

By Any Other Name

By: Laura Jarratt
Location: FIC JAR
Genre: Youth Fiction - Drama

If I could have any other name - I wonder what I would choose?
Maybe I might become a " Thirza" or a "Joelle" Be kind of fun to rename yourself. Unless of course you had too, because you were a witness for a major crime and you had to shift location, change your name and re-invent yourself- then maybe it might not be so good.
That is what Lou- now Holly had to do in this story. It is about discovering who you really are , it is about your true identity. This book deals with autism, bullying, war and witness protection.
I shifted home when I was 14- all in good circumstances and that was hard enough- but imagine poor Holly shifting having to forget her entire past life, re-inventing herself, protecting her autistic sister and re-becoming who she is.
The other thing about this book which is getting noticed by reviewers is how the author is brilliant at layering and creating characters- so you know them, and then they become deeper and you know them some more.
By the end of this book- you will know Holly well, you will know Jo- her new boyfriend and her sister Katie- she will become your friend!

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