Monday, September 2, 2013

Pieces of Me

By: Darlene Ryan
Location: FIC RYA
Genre: Heartbreaker

I have seen homelessness, I have watched people try and live on the streets, from a close distance and that was far enough. I have seen the hunt for shelter, the search for food, the need of cleanliness and the want of dignity. I have become friends with these people, laughed with them, sung with them, given to them, supported their journey into wholeness, but the one thing I can never come to grips with- it is children who are homeless. It is wrong!
I have a little friend who is 8 months old, and she lives in a shack- that is bad enough, but she has a gift- a loving mum.
In this story we have the homeless Maddie, trying to survive on the streets, and she is joined by Q- a friendship she is wary of, but needs. They are joined by a  abandoned young boy called Dylan. Together on the streets this makeshift family is trying to redeem all this has been stolen and lost.
The question this book asks is "How far would you go to keep someone safe"? Maddie has to answer that question- but sometimes- we should too!

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