Friday, August 30, 2013

You don't know me

By: Sophia Bennett
Location: FIC BEN
Genre: Chic Lit

Pitch Perfect in a book.
It has it all- the  music comp, the "fat girl" - though her name is not Amy- or Patricia for that matter  ( it is actually Rose), it has the bullying and the attempt at redemption. If you loved Pitch Perfect- then this book is for you. What it also does is have a cold hard look at the power of social media, and cyber bullying- what it does and who it can destroy. This is our world and so often we use the tools we have to destroy others - you see it is easier to mock on a phone, than to a face.
Yet through it all- the theme of friendship prevails, of girlfriends doing there thing, staying tight and together dealing with the cyber bully.
Kinda makes me really feel for those people who have gone through X Factor  and the like with all the issues they face- being public is not licence enough to destroy you on line for your looks, voice or what you say- aren't we bigger than that- nope- afraid not!
Oh- and in this story- there is the Pitch Perfect love story too!!
Great Chic Lit with real themes dealt with, but leaving you smiling, with a few tears!

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