Thursday, September 9, 2010

Its a green thing

By: Melody Carlson

Series: Diary of a teenage girl

Genre: Family, Drama

"Maya is a fun character! Its not possible to even read Its a Green Thing and not relate to her questions, her challenges and her struggles as a teen and Christian. And I found myself jotting down her awesome Eco-friendly tips!" Jenny B Jones

Maya's mum is in jail for drug dealing, her pop-star dad is on a come back back tour,.She lives with her Aunt and Uncle, a new life and it looks OK, new job, new boyfriend, new car and a fascination to live green.... well it all pan out how she hopes.

Gullstruck Island

By: Frances Hardinge

Genre: Fantasy

On this Island the volcanoes quarrel, beetles sing danger and fish can see into the future. But look closer through the mist- there is persecuted tribes, tattooed warriors hell-bent on revenge, a blue skinned bounty hunter and two girls with a deadly secret.... running for their lives.

Graphic Natural Disasters- EARTHQUAKES

By:Rob Shone

Illustrated: Nick Spender

GENRE: Graphic Novel- Natrual Disasters

Read all about amazing stories of people caught in some of the most terrifying and destructive earthquakes to have hit our cities in a fast-paced, graphic style.

This book is really topical with all the carnage around my home city of Christchurch. This book may have had its cartoons on ChCh if it was published later, but instead it looks at San Fransico, Kobe in Japan and Kashmir in Pakistan. It also has great info on Earth quakes with good graphics to illustrate.

Ghosts of War

By: Ryan Smithson

Genre: Autobiography war

The true story of a 19 year old GI. He was deployed to Iraq and his year of combat at 19years of age, changed his life. Its unflinchingly honest and it gives a tough but powerful look at one mans experience.

Is being in the US Army like Generation Kill, The Hurt Locker or Home of the Brave- what is it really like being a 19 year old at war today. this book will give you a great insite...

Eric Clapton

By: Eric Clapton

Genre: Autobiography

This is the best selling rock autobiography ever. Clapton is more than a rock star, he is an icon, a living legend. His guitar playing ranks him as one of the best guitarists ever. This is his story, professional and private. Sex, drugs, fame- the death of his son, the marriages. Its an inspiring story of struggle, setback and redemption according to the Daily Telegraph.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time Raiders- Day of the predators

By: Alex Scarrow

Genre: Fantasy

Time travel, death and a collision of people from time zones that are different, all connect to create this fantasy.

Maddy mistakingly opens a time window...Liam is marooned 65 million years in the past, with dinosaurs on his tail. can Maddy reverse her mistake and rescue him without endangering history...


By; Dave Luckett

Genre: Fantasy

Can a good deed change the world? Can worlds change- to another, one filled with magic and danger. Where the powerful forget the people that they serve? Maybe in this world, your friends are the last people you should trust.... There is truth, and there is lies....

Billy T

Author: Matt Elliot

Genre: Autobiography

The life and times of Billy T. The cool thing with this story is that our very own town, Cambridge, gets lots of coverage. Billy T grew up in Arnold St and went to Leamington School. There are two class photo's in the book- maybe he went to school with your own parents?

Billy T, larger than life comedian, who gave NZ our best belly laughs, he introduced us all to the wonderful world of Maori humor.

This is his story, behind the cheeky grin, the heart transplant, a generous man- who wanted NZ to laugh together, at itself.

Fierce September

By: Fleur Beale

Genre: Fantasy- second book in "Juno " series

This is the sequel to "Juno of Taris"

It is about pandemics, it is about new worlds, it is about hate and love, fashions and technologies It is about courage and determination.... to be free from extreme control.

At the end of each chapter readers can go to a blog site, that features additional conversations and commentary...

Half the sky; How to change the world

By: Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn

Genre: Non Fiction -Human Rights; Woman's Rights

"These stories show us the power and resilience of woman who would have every reason to give up but never do.. You will not want to put this book down." -Angelina Jolie

"An inspiring testament to woman's courage, hope and recovery" - Khaled Hosseini (Kite Runner author)

"It is impossible to stand by and do nothing after reading 'Half the sky' " - George Clooney

This ground breaking bestseller book tells the stories of extraordinary woman in Africa and Asia, who overcome amazing hurdles in order to change their worlds. Rath from Cambodia who escaped from a brothel, Mamitu who had no education as a girl and now trains doctors, and many others.

It is fierce, pragmatic and full of inspiring stories of courage and determination...


By: Suzanne Collins

Series: The final book of -The Hunger Games Series

Genre: Fantasy

#1 USA bestseller #1 New York Times bestseller #1Wall St Journal bestseller #1 Publishers Weekly bestseller... says it all really.

Stephanie Meyer, author of "Twilight" series said that she was so obsessed with this book, she had to take it out to dinner with her...

"My name is Katniss Everdeen. Why am I not dead? I should be dead....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

True Spirit

The Aussie girl who took on the world...

By: Jessica Watson

Genre: Biography, Ocean travel

"I'm just an ordinary girl who believed in a dream"

On May15th 2010 after 210 days at sea and 24, 285 nautical miles, 16 year old Jessica Watson sailed her yacht, "Ella Pink Lady" triumphantly back into Sydney Harbour.She became the youngest person to sail solo, unassited and non-stop around the world.. This is her story, day bt day as it unfolds....


By: Clive Cussler

Genre: Adventure

Clive Cussler's peerless hero Dirk Pitt, in his most gripping and action packed adventure yet...

You've seen the movie- now read the book- its better.

Pitt discovers a top secret scientific installation is leaking a lethal chemical into the rivers, threatening to kill thousand of people and destroy the life in the worlds seas. To fix this he must escape capture and race across the Sahara, while a ruthless West African dictator is after him...

Marrying Ameera

By: Rosanne Hawke

Genre: Family and Culture

This book is set in Australia and is about seventeen year old Ameera Hassa, her mother is a Christain, her father a devout Muslim. Ameera falls in love with a Pakistani boy, and her father opposses this so strongly, that her tricks her into going to Pakistan, there she discovers the truth, he has arranged for her to be married. Will she be trapped, or can she escape back to her freedom, back to Tariq...

Water for Elephants

By: Sara Gruen

Genre: Drama
"An utterly transporting novel richly full of the stuff of life"

A glorious big-hearted novel set in a travelling circus touring the back blocks of America during the Great depression.

Read the book BEFORE the movie comes out- staring Reese Witherspoon. The New York Times reviewed this as "An enchanting escapist fairy tale" Its about a circus, freaks, misfits, an elephant called "Rosie" a vet student called Jacob and Marlena- a beautiful equestrienne.

Water for Elephants has it all, warmth, humour, poignancy and love. It has energy and a spirit like a circus about to begin....