Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crocodile Tears

By: Anthony Horowitz

Genre: Adventure

Location FIC HOR

This is the eight novel in the "Alex Rider" series. The action starts with a seeming terrorist attack on a nuclear plant in India. It is a ruthless attack, which leaves many people needing treatment. "First Aid" is a charity which prides itself to respond to any global disaster- but are they for real? Alex Rider is roped in to investigate- back in M16. He is kidnapped and taken to Kenya, and the roller coaster of excitement for Crocodile Tears it exactly what we have come to expect from Anthony Horowitz at his best.

How to talk to boys

By: Diane Todaro

Genre: Non Fiction- relationships

Location: 305.2

Talking to boys- it can be agonising, and it can be awesome... but how do you have good healthy converstions with those boys....

How to talk to boys gives a realistic picture of the challenges and choices that face girls today, when they are talking to boys. It helps deal with shyness and awkwardness. Its all about talking, listening and asking the kinds of questions that lead to healthy friendships and relationships.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


By:Bernard Beckett

Genre: Drama

Location: FIC BEC

Trapped in a car wreck, upside down, bleeding and in pain, Tristan and Grace are staring at death. When dawn breaks they might be seen from the road and rescued...or not!

Tristan is a philosopher, Grace's life of hardship allows no place for such idea's... they are now on a collision course with love and death- and each other.

Part thriller, part love story, August is a compelling novel about will, freedom and what it means to live.

Nina Questor

By: Ken Katran

Genre: Fantasy

Location: FIC CAT

The battle has begun.....

The legendary Nina of the Dark has come into power and won a mighty kingdom- but her battle has just begun. The witchers, those dark lords of evil, still plague the land... and seek Nina's death.

Nina is armed with her sword Brightsong, and is transported by her dragon Illyugi, an uncertain ally.

Ahead lies a bloody and treacherous path.....

Tortall and other lands; and other tales

By: Tamora Pierce

Genre: Fantasy

Location: FIC PIE

Tamora Pierce is THE queen of the fantasy genre. Her "Song of the Lioness" series and "Beka Cooper" stories have converted readers into fantasy readers around the world. This book is a series of short stories she has written to no doubt hook many more people into the world of fantasy. Dragons, treemen, lethal lotteries and wind people.. Tamora Pierce will please yet again.

Roadie- My life on the road with ColdPlay

By: Matt McGinn

Genre: Biography

Location: 920 Music

This is the story of a longtime Coldplay roadie, as they say "Matt's been part of the Coldplay family since day one, we love him dearly. And at least half of this book is probably true".

It is a definitive, fascinating and often hilarious glimpse of backstage life, on what life is like touring with one of the worlds most popular bands.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia

By: C S Lewis

Genre: Fantasy

Location: FIC LEW

This is the entire collection in one book in the correct chronological order. All seven books- unabridged- in one impressive volume. From the "Magicians Nephew", "The Lion ,the Witch and the Wardrobe"- all the way to" The Final Battle"... this book means you can read all these loved titles in one hit. If you ask us nicely we will even extend the loan time for you!

The General

By: Robert Muchamore

Genre: Teen Fiction- Thriller

Location: FIC MUC

Series: Cherub

The worlds largest urban warfare training compound stands in a desert near Los Vagas. Forty British commandos are being hunted by an entire American battalion.

But their commander has an ace up his sleeve: he plans to smuggle in ten Cherub agents, and fight the best war game ever. Cherub agents have one special advantage: adults never suspect that the kids are spying on them...


The Last King of Scotland

By; Giles Foden

Genre; Historical fiction
Location; FIC FOD

The story of Idi Amin told through the eyes of his Scottish doctor (Nicholas Garrigan), who blindingly followed this dictator without seeing the atrocities that Amin was advocating and enforcing in Uganda. It novelises a horrific and bloody chapter of an African despot, through the eyes of a western convert who finally got his wake-up call when he was made to visit the torture chambers of Amins regime. Nichloas is both fascinated by Amin but also appalled, he privy to all Amin's thoughts schemes and evilness had the job as his doctor, he had the power to stop Amin- but would he?

Greatest moments in NZ Netball History

By; New Zealand Netball

Genre: Sports Non Fiction
Location; 920 GRE Sport

This book tells all you ever wanted to know about our Silver Ferns, the best games, the history, the classic players and their profiles. It has amazing photo's and allows us to wallow in those amazing victories that have captured our memories and our hearts.

Kabul Girls Soccer Club

By:Awista Ayub

Genre: Non Fiction Sports Biography

Location: 920 AYU Sport

Awista Ayub was a refugee from Afghanistan in the 1980's when the Russians attacked, she went to live in the USA. She resolved that one day she wanted to make a difference to her home country. After the Taliban collapsed she fulfilled her dream. She found 8 girls aged from 10-16 and bough them to the USA where she coached them in soccer and leadership skills. These eight girls were raised under the legalistic horror of the Taliban, where woman were despised and harshly treated, unable to attend school or walk outside without a berqa and a family male beside her. Now they were planning to start soccer clubs and play a sport that was banned to all woman. These young girls faced death threats and were persecuted but courage drove them on to continue. Now there is a full woman's soccer league in Kabul, thanks to these girls. This is their inspirational story.

U2 by U2

By: U2

Genre: Autobiography Music

Location: 920 BON Music

U2- the greatest rock band of the 80's, 90's, and 2000's..well in my opinion any way. If you still havent found what you are looking for on this beautiful day, you are probably on a street with no name and have no desire. In which case you should put on your sexy boots and in the name of love have some pride and read this book!!!

The man in the white suit

By: Ben Collins

Genre: Non Fiction Autobiography

Location: 920COl Sport

STIG!!!!! Who is the STIG.

This book will tell you all about The Stig, his stories on "Top Gear" and the journey that got him to being the "Man in the White Suit". My whole family have read this book and loved it- its a great yarn and a must for all Top Gear fans.