Friday, August 19, 2011

The secret life of bees

By: Sue Monk Kidd

Genre: Drama -Family

Location: FIC KID

Like the freedom Writers this book has been out of the library a while and again we finally have it back on the shelves. I loved the movie, but as they say- the book is even better.

Did Lily kill her mother at age four? At 14 can she deal with her fears that she did kill her Mum. All she wants is a mothers love and forgiveness- is that too much to ask?

Could a black servant be her friend and help her through this pain, and the anger of her unyielding father? This book is about a journey, its about love, its about redemption.

Its a goody!!

The Freedom Writers Diary

With: Erin Gruwell

Genre: Autobiographical

Location: NF 370.11 FRE

Well it has been out of the library so long, and I have hunted it down all year- and finally we have our mitts on a copy. The movie was amazing and this book tells the story of the "Freedom Writers". It is written in a diary fashion with many of the students contributing. It talks of the huge impact the holocaust survivors has had on these students and how being a writer has impacted the students life holistically. This book will be brilliant for Yr 12 thematic studies and for 12905.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inheritance - the Book Trailer

Christopher Paolini's new book comes out on October- its the last one in the series. Eragon started it- so just how will it end?

Hunger Games Trailer

Ok- its not the super official trailer- but it is still AMAZING!!!

A straight line to my heart

Author: Bill Condon
Genre: Fiction

Location: FIC CON

A funny, poignant, heartwarming story of first love, first job, friends, family and the inevitability of change in the first summer out of school.

School is over, not just for the year, but forever. Tiff and Kayla are free, which is what they've always wanted, but now summer is nearly at and end and that means life decisions. Tiff is hoping her job at the local paper will lead to something more... But 'The Shark' soon puts her straight on what it takes to become a hard-nosed reporter like him. At home, Reggie - the only grandad she's ever known - has quit the smokes and diagnosed himself as cactus. Then Kayla hits her with some big news. And into all this stumbles Davey, the first boy who has ever really wanted to know her.

Pig Boy

By: J. C. Burke

Genre: Youth Drama

Location: FIC BUR

"Last Friday I collided with adulthood. It was like a slap across the face with a wet hand. I can still feel the sting"...

On Damon's Styles eighteenth birthday he was expelled from school. But its what happens afterwards that changes everything.

First thing to do is get his firearms licence, then learn to pig hunt. Then he will need all he needs to know. Oh and he had better get a lock for his wardrobe- so his Mother wont find out about his plan.
Damon's taking matters into his own hands...

The invisible hero

By: Elizabeth Fensham

Genre: Youth Fiction

Location: FIC FEN

Philip was used to being the odd one out- the loner. But who are the villains- the heroes, not only do they study them at school, they soon learn who they are face to face in their world. The issues of justice and persecution are not just historical things you learn at school, sometimes you learn them in your own small world.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blood Ninja

By: Nick Lake

Genre: Ninja Fiction

Location: FIC LAK

"A fast paced, gripping book, with ninjas. Its all i could ask for really" Conn Iggulden

Blatantly brilliant..A thrilling and action packed tale of horror, duty and destiny. " Derek Landy -author of Skulduggery Pleasant.

Taro has been bought up a fisherman's son. He will become a ninja, a silent assassin trained in the arts of death...

He will face Samurai, warriors, warlords- all for the title of Shogun.

BUT- he must do all this in darkness for no Blood Ninja can face the light of day.

I am so strong

By: Mario Ramos

Genre: Humour

Location: Picture Books PIC RAM

This is my favourite picture book in years- it is funny, witty, and written so subtly sarcastic- YET it carries real themes about bullying and self esteem. It is a perfect read aloud to anyone who you make listen to it- including anyone that dares set forth into the librarians office.

The Horse Girl

By: Mary Finn
Genre: Historical Fiction

Location FIC FIN

" A remarkable book- a writer to watch"

The fate of one horse- Belladonna, will change two lives for ever. Set in 1757 , Thomas Rose discovers a girl concealed in a ditch outside his rural village- she looks drab. Yet she enchants Thomas with tales of the circus and dancing on her horse.. This book feels like a youth version of Water for Elephants- just its set in the 18th century and in England and its about a horse not an elephant.. I loved Water for Elephants so here is hoping this one is as good:)

The bridge

By: Jane Higgins

Genre: Dystopia

Location: FIC HIG

Southside, the hostiles live in squalor and desperation. They are hungry to cross the river.

Cityside- ISIS is in charge. Its job- to keep the hostiles at bay.

The city is at war... Nik and Fyffe are on the run- across the bridge..

Billy T James Movie Trailer

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


By: Lauren Kate

Genre: Chic Fantasy

Location: FIC KAT

Series: Fallen series

Angels are better than vampires.. and the Fallen series prove it. In the latest in the series Luce and Daniel go backwards in time to unlock the curse that forbids them to love. Each century, each of her lives - holds a different clue.

Can her and Daniel unlock their past, so they can have a future?

"Dark, seductive mysterious- an unforgettable love story" Cindy

Withering Tights

By: Louise Rennison

Genre: Humour for Chics

Location: FIC REN

Tallulah Casey- charges around in her tights, hanging out with her famous cousin- Georgia Nicolson- who has confessed in her books already. Now its Tallulahs turn to expose the stories of first kisses- of growing up and all the crazy stuff around it.

It was the winner of the Roald Dahl FUNNY prize.

The Godless Boys

By: Naomi Wood

Genre: Religious Fiction. Coming of Age

Location: Naomi Wood

If you were forced to live with faith- or without, which would you choose?

England 1986. The church controls the country and the Secular Movement has been banished to "The Island". On The Island- religion is banned. A gang of boys patrols the community, searching for signs of faith and punishing any believers.

Then an English girl arrives- wanting to find her mother- long since vanished.

Then comes the love bit... a boy on The Island falls in love with her- but another wants revenge. Violence erupts...

This book is about faith, power, love, revenge. It is violent and yet it is tender.


By: Chrissie Keighery
Genre: Drama

Location: FIC KEI

Being a teenager is hard enough. But being a deaf teenager... Hard does not even begin to cover it.

How do you act when your friends are talking about you behind your back, or if a boy likes you?

You'd hear the whispers..wouldn't you?