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Before you know kindness

By: Chris Bohjalian
Genre: Family/legal - Drama

If you like Jodi Picoult...
On a balmy July night in New Hampshire a shot rings out in a garden, and a man falls to the ground, terribly wounded. The wounded man is Spencer McCullough, the shot that hit him was fired - accidentally?- by his adolescent daughter Charlotte...... "An irresistible read. Moving from quiet domestic drama to a legal thriller" Washington Post "A modern compelling drama"

The rest of her life

By: Laura Moriarty
Genre: Drama- Family
If you like Jodi Picoult.....
This is a story baseed around a high school senior student and her mother. The relationship is strained already and Kara then is part of a tradedy that has devasting consqequences, for her, the community in which she lives and the relationship with her mother.It is a novel with a complex moral dilemma, filled with nuanced characters and a page turning plot.
Jodie Picoult says that this novel " resonates like an emotional tuning fork..."


By: Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
Genre: Fantasy
BOOK FOUR of the Tunnel Series
'Its well paced, exciting and in places- frightening and bloody..." At the centre of the earth, in a world that no-one know exits, Will is in trouble. His enemy, The Styx, is chasing him to the end of the world...any world..

Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet

By: Jamie Ford
Genre: Historical Drama
"Mesmerizing and evocative, a tale of conflicted loyalities and timeless devotion" Sam Gruen
"Will make you linger on the final pages, sure that even the bitterest memories and the most painful regret can yield something sweet"- Bookpage
A wartime- era Chinese- Japanese variation of Romeo and Juliet, set in 1940 Seattle. It is about a father and son, Japanese Americans in Seatlle area during WWII , its about internment camps, beauty, and sadness. Its about Jazz, its about innocent passion across racial barriers. Its about the damage caused by war...

I am fifteen and I do not want to die

By: Christine Arnothy

Genre: War Survival

The true story of a young womans wartime survival. A 15 year old girl hid with her family in Budapest in 1945, avoiding the Germans from the west and the Russains from the east.
Christine found refuge in her notebook and pencil- she recorded the story and personalities of all who inhabitated the celllar of refuge with them. The story then journals her escape and adult life in Paris. Its told with compulsive force...
" Will take its place among the best books written on war"
"Outstanding" The Times

Hunting Hogs- Continuing a hunting legacy.

By: "P J" Firmin
Genre: Hunting

Peter Firmin grew up listening to hunting stories, stories of his dad and his grandfather- now he has a few of his own to tell. Living in the back country of Whanganui, he has thousands of hectares of prime hunting country on his backdoor. It tells yarns of hunting now, but also of the "good ol days" .

Arse-up Creek

By: "Big Al" Lester
Genre: Hunting

Bush lies and half truths- another collection of outrageous hunting yarns from the master of the genre. Plenty of laughs for the hunting mad, hard case and hare brained! Kamikaze deer, Marvin the nosey morepork, blood thirsty crocs.. city slickers gone bush and a Maori named Arab- this book has it all.

Oathbreaker- A prince among killers.

By: S R Vaught and J B Redmond
Genre: Fantasy
Second in series, a continuation of Part one - "Oathbreaker -Assassins Apprentice" first in series.

This book is filled with magic and incredible powers, it has a dash of romance. It explores the depths of love, loyalty and war.

" A complex and original fantasy"

The Tulip Virus

by: Danielle Hermans
Genre: Thriller
The Tulip Virus is a fast paced, fascinating thriller that plunges readers into questions of free will, science and religion, whuile showing the dark fruits of greed, pride and arrogance..

An international bestselling thriller..

Gem X

By: Nicky Singer
Genre: SciFi
Maxo Strang is a Gem X,the most perfect human ever made. Top in social class, in looks, in intelligence.... until the day he wakes up and discovers a crack in his face..

"A riveting story that questions whta is to be really human"