Friday, April 15, 2011

Agent 21

By: Chris Ryan

Genre: Action Fiction

Location: FIC RYA

Some authors just write about it. Chris Ryan has been there, done it and lived to tell the tale. Agent 21 is the first in a brand new action packed adventure series by the real life SAS hero. Chris Ryan always delivers- his books are some of the most read at Cambridge High- this new series about Zak- as Agent 21 will not fail. Zak's parents die in an unexplained mass murder and a mysterious man asks him to work for a 'governmental agency". What has happened to the other 20 agents Zak will never know, what he does know is that things are changed forever..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Star Wars - Jedi Academy Trilogy

By: Kevin J Anderson

Genre: Sci Fi

Location: New SCI FI Display area

This triology has been recommended to me by my sci fi reader son -Cam. he said I must have books by Kevin J Anderson- so I have obeyed his command.

With Hans Solo and Chewbacca prisioner on the planet Kessel, Luke Skywalker is setting up an academy to train new Jedi. Han and Chewie escape but discover a new death ship- called Sun Crusher- it could wipe out the entire solar system. Luke picks up on the trail of Han and Chew and the trilogy tells the story...

Cam will not have got this wrong- if he says it is good- then it is!!!


By: Kathryn Lasky

Genre: Historical War Fiction

Location: FIC LAS

Thirteen year old Gabriella Schramm lives a comfortable and happy life with her middle class family in Berlin, Germany in 1932. Her father is a scientist who studies and teaches physics at the university. Because of his work, Albert Einstein is a friend of the family. Life is about to change as Adolf Hitler grows in power. Not only Jews and communist's are targeted by the Nazi Brown Shirts, so too are intellectuals and scientists- like Gaby's father. Even the books Gaby loves- are becoming a target- her entire world is changing. Gaby is a likeable heroine, who has come come to terms with all she has lost.

Ashes is a fascination and often troubling look at life in Germany during Hitler's rise to power- it is great historical fiction.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grey Wolves

By: Robert Muchamore

Genre: War

Location: FIC MUC

The challenge; Can Robert Muchamore write good books that don't have Cherubs in them?

Spring 1941. German submarines are prowling the North Atlantic, sinking ships filled with food, fuel and weapons that Britain needs to survive. With the Royal Navy losing the war at sea, six young agents must sneak into Nazi occupied Europe and sabotage a submarine base on Frances western coast. if the sub's aren't stopped, the British people will starve.

Espionage, gritty realism- kids in the midst of war. I think the author of Cherub is onto to something good- what do you think?

Sequins, Stars and Spotlights

By: Sophia Bennet

Genre: Chic Read

Location: FIC BEN

This novel " lives the fashion dream". Meg Cabot said that she did not want the book to end. The Bliss Magazine called it a "magical tale".

Four friends, Nonie, Jenny, Edie and Crow are beginning glittering careers. Who will wait for fame and success? Who will emerge a star? Who will fall in love? Who will turn her back on her dream?

A classic modern chic read- great for the school holidays.:)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


By: Carrie Jones

Genre: Fantasy

Location: Fic Car

First there was vampires, then werewolves but now the new supernatural sizzle is...pixies. This is not Tinkerbell, these are blue and mean, with sharp shark like teeth and a hunger for blood. Disney- they are not.

There is a human love story, epic battles of Norse proportion and pixie Kings- who want to rule a kingdom with a human queen. You will need to read the first in the series "Need" and as soon as it is available, we get get the grand finale "Entice". Its a great series with already a following here at Cambridge High School. Have you ever considered by the way- why the librarians at CHS are so short.....

Alien Storm

By: A.G.Taylor

Genre: Sci Fi thriller

Location: FIC TAY

The sequel to Meteorite Strike- this sci-fi thriller with its superpowers, conspiracies, invisible viruses a mind controller, and secret organisations has you firmly on the edge of your comfy bed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


By: Diana Peterfreund

Genre: Fantasy- Historical

Location FIC PET

Forget about anything you ever knew about Unicorns.

Killer Unicorns- they exist and Astrid Llewelyn heads to Rome to train as a Uniocrn hunter at the ancient cloisters. However, all is not what it might seem- outside Unicorns wait to attack, while inside- other powers vibrate around the bone covered walls, not to mention a handsome art student and Astrid's growing attraction to him.

Tamora Pierce called this a 'thrilling read' and she asked for a sequel- must be pretty good!!!


By: Richard Coomber

Genre: Biography- sport

Location: 920 COO

Lucas Radebe is Nelson Mandela's hero. This is because Lucas grew up in apartheid Soweto, in a violent era that was in the grip of "the struggle".

To escape this environment for fear he would die, or end up in prison, his parents sent him away- there he learnt to play soccer. the rest as they say is history- Lucas was a stalwart in the Leeds United team, he captained Bafana, Bafana- the South African soccer team, and he played a huge part in convincing FIFA to hold the World Cup in hi own nation. No wonder Nelson Mandela respects this man- and what better endorsement could you get!


By:Elizabeth Gilbert

Genre: Autobiography and Travel

Location: 920


Eating- In Italy

Praying- In India

Loving - In Bali

This is a true story of a woman who is trying to figure out what life looks life after a messy divorce, and a hectic career. So she takes time out, travels the world, and learns what good food is, she learns to journey to what really matters on the inside and she takes the risk to love again.

The book is better than the movie- but then again it nearly always is!!!