Thursday, April 14, 2011


By: Kathryn Lasky

Genre: Historical War Fiction

Location: FIC LAS

Thirteen year old Gabriella Schramm lives a comfortable and happy life with her middle class family in Berlin, Germany in 1932. Her father is a scientist who studies and teaches physics at the university. Because of his work, Albert Einstein is a friend of the family. Life is about to change as Adolf Hitler grows in power. Not only Jews and communist's are targeted by the Nazi Brown Shirts, so too are intellectuals and scientists- like Gaby's father. Even the books Gaby loves- are becoming a target- her entire world is changing. Gaby is a likeable heroine, who has come come to terms with all she has lost.

Ashes is a fascination and often troubling look at life in Germany during Hitler's rise to power- it is great historical fiction.

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