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How it Ends - Lausa Wiss

All Hanna's wanted since sophomore year is Seth. She's gone out with other guys, even gained a rep for being a flirt, all the while hoping cool, guitar playing Seth will choose her. Then she get him - but their relationship is hurtful, stormy and critical, not at all what Hanna thinks a perfect love should be....

Gang lands: Brazil - Ross Kemp

Deep in the heart of Rio, a new gang has emerged in the favelas. A gang with a sinister reputation, heavy-duty weaponry and a seemingly limitless drug supply.
The gang is always one step ahead of the harassed Brazillan drug enforcement agencies - who is backing them?
Recruitment by the shady organization Trojan Industries, teenage rebel Luiz Alves must gain initiation, infiltrate the gang and find out.
Luiz's mission of discovery isn't his biggest problem. - Staying alive is!

Real life - Ella West

'They call me a finder. I find places for the project. I can think about a place in my head and then I am there. It's called travelling'.
This is the conclusion to the thieves trilogy.

Threads - Sophia Bennett

Nonie's passion is fashion. Edie plans to save the world. Jenny has a part in a Hollywood movie.
But when three best friends meet a young refugee girl called Crow, wearing a pair of pink fairy wings and sketching a dress, they get the chance to do something truly wonderful - and make all their dreams come true.

Year 12+ Cultural Perspective

* Someone knows my name HIL
* Brick lane ALI * Burnt shadows SHA * Brixton beach TEA * Red dust JIA * The age of orphans KHA * Tears of the Maasai COA * The lemon tree NF 956.94 TOL * The kite runner HOS * A thousand splendid suns HOS * The inheritance of loss DES

Year 11 Cultural Perspective Books

* Maalika BRO

* I want to live NF 947.084 LUG
* The bonesetter's daughter TAN

* The life of pi MAR
* Under the persimmon tree STA
* My forbidden face NF 958.104 LAT
* Daughter of dust AZI

Year 10 Cultural Perspective books

* Auslander DOW
* Chalk line MIT * Shabanu: Daughter of the wind STA * Out of bounds: stories conflict and hope NAI * Hang a thousand trees with ribbons RIN

Year 9 Cultural perspective Books

* Ties that bind, ties that break NAM
* Sold MCC * Homeless Bird WHE * Chinese Cinderella: The mystery of the song Dynasty Painting MAH * Mao's last dancer LI * Diego's Pride ELL *Ripples on the lake ROT

The man in the shed - Lloyd Jones

A boy watches his mother hooked and reeled ashore by a fisherman.
A couple give up their seats on a bus for lovers soon to be parted.
A woman searches through bushes for a piece of fabric torn from her husband's shirt.
The man in the shed is a haunting collection of stories about family and longing.

Boom - Mark Haddon

If you enjoyed reading the Curious incident of the dog in the night time then try this latest novel by Mark Haddon.

It was a stupid, insane, suicidal idea. Which makes it quite hard to explain why I decided to help. charlie was my best friend and i missed him, and i couldn't think of any thing better to do.Looking back, I recon this was the moment my life started to go pear-shaped.
An explosive adventure for all ages

Gotta B - Claire Carmichael

In Rick Lawerce's world, every one's online, all of the time, immersed in a vast electronic sea of instant communication.
Dr Carter Renfrew believes Rick and his friends represent the next step in evolution - the forerunners of a new species, 'Homo electronicus'. Communications companies are eager to exploit this new youth market and are backing scientific research into the teen brain. - just how far is Renfrew willing to go to prove his theory?

Bodyswap: the boy who was 84 - L. P. Howarth

Will is 13 when his body is stolen by a century-hopping villain. Suddenly. suddenly Will's the oldest man he's ever seen. At least he's inherited the right job, as an assistant at a funeral directors. Will can offer really wicked, wedged, full-on top-dog superfine funerals. But for how long? Can Will get his own body back, or will the next funeral be his own?

The unspoken - Thomas Fahy

When six children escaped the religious cult the grew up in by burning it to the ground, a prediction was made that each would die within five years by their worst fear. Sure enough five years later the first of the group drowns, and on by one their worst fears start killing them off.......

Gold of the Gods - Bear Grylls

Another instalment from the breathtaking new adventure series from the real-life survival man BEAR GRYLLS.
Hot on the trail of his kidnapped uncle, Beck must race against time and the elements. Can he find the lost CITY OF GOLD and discover the secret of it's people?

Pandaemonium - Christopher Brookmyre

A Gothic nightmare for the 21 century......
The senior pupils of St Peter's High School are on a retreat at a secluded outdoor activity centre, coming to terms with the murder of a fellow pupil through the means you would expect: counselling, contemplation, candid discussion and even prayer - not to mention as much partying as they can get away with.
Not so far away a top-secret military experiment has spiralled out of control.
Two very different worlds are on a collision course......

Mexican White boy - Matt de la Pena

Mexican White Boy ..... shows that no matter what obstacles you face, you can still reach your dreams with a positive attitude. This is more than a book about a baseball player - this is a book about life.
An ALA YALSA Best book for Young Adults

Confessions of a fallen Angel - Ronan O'Brien


I predict a riot - Bateman

Superintendent James 'Marsh' Mellow , of Belfast CID, wants just one thing before he retires - to pin something on the notorious Pink Harrison. And when a dismembered body turns up, Mallow's convinced he's finally got his man. Problem is take Pink down and trouble of the full-scale rioting kind is likely to flare up..

A proper education for girls - Elaine di Rollo

Lilian and are the bright young twin daughters of the eccentric Mr Talbot, who resides in a huge mansion stuffed full of fossils, inventions, suits of armour, botanical specimens and other elements of his sprawling collection of curiosities.
When Lilian rebels against Victorian standards of morality she is packed off to India as the bride of a dreary missionary, leaving Alice alone and in danger of falling victim to her fathers bizarre and hair-raising schemes.........

Hamlet - John Marsden

By the author of every ones favourite series Tomorrow when the war began
comes his latest novel Hamlet - To be or not to be. That is still the question

Witch Dreams - Vivian Vande Velde

In this suspenseful tale of murder and witchery, Nyssa struggles to hide her true identity from the witch-hunters in her medieval town, while using her gift to solve the biggest mystery of her life: who killed her parents six years ago?

Amulet: the stonekkeper - Kazu Kibuishi

New Graphic Novel
Book 1

Melissa Marr

Wicked lovely & Fragile eternity
These are the 2nd & 3rd books in the mesmerising tale of
Faerie, Seth and Ailslinn's struggle to stay true to
themselves and to each other, in a world where one false step could plunge the Earth into chaos.....
We also have the first book Ink exchange

Hostage - Karen Tayleur

The last thing I remember is that the chemist floor had a large black scuff near the counter.
I don't remember the knife.
I remember something cold on my neck, which could have been a knife, or it could have just been his long cold fingers pressing into me
And then we were in the car.
And then we were gone.
Tully becomes a hostage when she is abducted on Christmas Eve. Her ordeal lasts 24 hours
Or so she says.....

The best New Zealand Fiction # 6 - Edited by Owen Marshall

This is an uplifting collection of short stories with the recent work of some of our top writers in New Zealand

Fragile eternity - Melissa Marr

This is the 3rd book in Melissa Marr's mesmerising tale of Faerie, Seth and Aislinn struggle to stay true to themselves and to each other, in a world where one false step could plunge the earth into chaos...........

the first 2 books are
* Ink exchange, and
* Wicked lovely

Banquo's son - T. K. Roxborogh

How do you choose between love and honour
Since his father's brutal murder ten years ago, Fleance has hidden in the woods of Northern England's, keeping up his identity a secret from all. Now Florence must unmask his enemies and discover why he is plagued by his fathers ghost.

Tallow - Karen Brooks

On the edge of a mystical border called the Limen, close to a beautiful canal-laced city, a humble candlemaker rescues a child whom he raises as his apprentice. Years pass an the child's unusual talents are revealed, the gentle art of candlemaking slowly transforming into something far more sinister...

Walking to the moon - Kate Cole-Adams

Jess wakes from a coma.
This is the story of her recovery.

The sacred art of stealing - Christopher Brookmyre

Angelique is no art critic, but she is a connoisseur of crooks, and she's sure that the heist she got caught up in wasn't the work of the usual sawn-off-and-black-tights practitioners. She knows she's dealing with a unique species of thief, and its her job to hunt him to extinction - though the fact that it;;s not just his MO that's cute might prove a distraction.

D. J. Machale

The Merchant of death
Bobby Pendragon is going to save the world. And not just Earth as we know it.... This is the first in an epic series of adventure through time and space. The lost city of Faar Bobby's Uncle Press is a traveller. His mission is nothing less than to save the universe from ultimate evil. and he's taking Vobby along for the ride!

Guiness World Records 2010

The book of the decade in our libray

Poppy - Greor Salmon

Afghanistan has become the world's largest producer of opium and its offshoot, heroin - all under the noses of Western civil and military stakeholders.
Gregor Salmon spent 8 months alone investigating the country's dependence on poppy.

Nation - Terry Pratchett

On the day world ends...
... Mau is on his way home from Boys' Island. Soon he will be a man.
And then the wave comes - a huge wave, dragging black night behind it and bringing a schooner which sails over and through the island rainforest.
The village has gone.
The nation as it was gone.....

Alice in wonderland and through the looking glass - Lewis Carroll

The two timeless stories about Alice and her extraordinary adventures are collected together here in one volume.

Barbara Erskine

Whispers in the sand
Recently divorced, Anna Fox decides to cheer herself up by retracing a journey her greatgrandmother, Louisa made in the mid-nineteenth century.  As she follows in Louisa's footsteps, Anna discovers in her diary a wonderful love story from the Victorian past - and a chilling, more distant secret of the little glass bottle.

Sands of time
Picks up the fortunes of Anna and Louisa  who must once more do battle with the past in order to survive the present.

Exam time tips!

Exam time tips!
How can you prepare for an exam?
It is the easiest thing in the world to put off studying. Find yourself a place where you can't talk to others, make yourself comfortable, it is almost always easier to sit at a table or desk. Leave your phone in another room, get yourself a nice big drink of something you like, have a treat in another room for when you have done a good half hour of work. Log off Facebook, MSN or Bebo so that you aren't tempted to chat.

Ask yourself, “What do I know?” and “What do I NOT know?”
Study the information you don’t know well. This is harder than the stuff you do know but is more important learning at this stage.
Use highlighters and sticky notes for important points.
Break up your study into small chunks – the brain cannot absorb too many pieces of information at once. Go outside and take a breather between chunks.
Look at the headings so you know what topics are being covered.
Write down the names of topics and the main things you need to co…

The last templar - Raymond Khoury

For FBI agent Sean Reilly and archaeologist Tess Chaykin this is the start of a deadly game of cat and mouse as they race across three continents in search of the ruthless killers and a centuries-old mystery............

'traces of the Da Vinci Code, yet original enough to stand alone, The last Templar plunges us into the mysticism and folklore of the Catholic Church'

Dead until dark - Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse is a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. She's quiet, keeps to herself. She has this sort of "disability'. she can read minds, and that doesn't make her too dateable. But then along comes Bill who has a disability of his own: he's a vampire with a bad reputation......

Dead until dark - Charlaine

The wizard of Rondo - Emily Rodda

For all you Deltora Quest fans out there!

Superior Saturday - Garth Nix

This is the fifth book in the Keys to the Kingdom series.
Arthur Penhaligon has wrestled five of the keys from their immortal guardians, the trustees of the Will. But winning the Sixth Key poses a greater challenge than any he has faced before.....

Hunting books

Deer: The New Zealand story - David Yerex
The Bushwhackers: Hunting Adventures on Stewart Island - Dean Taylor
Hunting adventures - True tales of a kiwi hunter - Greig Gaigou