Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exam time tips!

Exam time tips!
How can you prepare for an exam?
It is the easiest thing in the world to put off studying. Find yourself a place where you can't talk to others, make yourself comfortable, it is almost always easier to sit at a table or desk. Leave your phone in another room, get yourself a nice big drink of something you like, have a treat in another room for when you have done a good half hour of work. Log off Facebook, MSN or Bebo so that you aren't tempted to chat.

Ask yourself, “What do I know?” and “What do I NOT know?”
Study the information you don’t know well. This is harder than the stuff you do know but is more important learning at this stage.
Use highlighters and sticky notes for important points.
Break up your study into small chunks – the brain cannot absorb too many pieces of information at once. Go outside and take a breather between chunks.
Look at the headings so you know what topics are being covered.
Write down the names of topics and the main things you need to cover for each topic.
Highlight keywords for your subject. Make lists of words and make definitions of them. It is important that you read the exam questions carefully and understand them. Learning lots of words related to your topic can help you.
Make new notes for the exams – this is important because if you don’t have good notes to study from, you won’t be able to write good answers in the exam.
Mind maps are a good way to visually represent information so that it is easier to learn. Visit a mind-map website for ideas on how to do this such as but don't do this to put off studying.
If in doubt, ask questions in class before exam. Talk to your teachers. Tutorials are for your benefit you should go if you can.
Study groups – Study groups can be effective. To make the groups work well, make sure you have a plan about what you want to cover so you don’t end up just chatting and wasting your time.
Practice with old/past exams Practice the content and time yourself so you know how much time to give to each question.
Talk about your study, to a friend or to someone at home. Repeating information out loud helps you remember it. Maybe you could have an online chat about a particular area of a subject.
Eat breakfast on the day of the exam and breakfast and lunch if it is an afternoon exam. Hope your exams go well, the library is available for you to use.

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