Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dandelion Clocks

By: Rebecca Westcott
Location: FIC WES
Genre: TFIOS but a Mum and a Daughter.

Another sad book, another book about fighting the big C, another book that needs tissues, this one deals with an eleven year old girl and her dying Mum.

Cancer is a horrid evil, it is a robber, a stealer, a hunter,- it has no mercy, no friends and it is indiscriminate. It hurts, it destroys and it leaves in its path a carnage of pain, regrets, emptiness and hopelessness. It does not matter if you are young and in love like TFIOS  or old and journeyed like my recent friends death- the pain of cancer is relentless.

Dandelion Clocks is about eleven year old Liv. She has a Dad who's a photographer, a fourteen year old brother with Aspergers Syndrome and a loving, fun Mum. However, Liv's whole world seems to cave in when her Mum is diagnosed with a terminal illness. As the illness takes hold, Liv has to learn to cook, put on make-up and set new rules for her brother, learn to navigate the unfamiliar territory of womanhood and the hardships of growing up. Guided by her Mum's old journals from her teenage years and through her love for photography, Liv learns that although things will never be the same again, with the help of the journals and her new camera, things might just be okay in the end.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Street Art

Two books

Street Art by Johannes Stahl

Burn After Reading by Romanywg

  Graffiti annoys me- I hate it. It is like a dog marking its territory. but Street Art- now that is clever, it is a statement, it is a moral opinion, it has political comments, it is  a true and pure art form.
It our generations Picasso. These books are mesmerizing, consuming and fantastic. I was tempted not make them "Not for Loan" which I do so rarely, I am scared if they leave the library they may not come back- yet I reckon they will be awesome for some great discussion around a dinner table, or on a coffee table. So here you go- take them home, engage, debate, form an opinion, be moved, angered, and challenged- for that is what Street Art wants you to do!

The Museum of Extraordinary Things

By: Alice Hoffman
Location: FIC HOFF
Genre; Mystery, Love and Historical Fiction. 

Water for Elephants x Night Circus!

This book goes beyond Fiction/Literature with adding Romance and Historical Fiction to the story. The story takes place in the early 1900’s in New York City. Alice Hoffman gives insight what it must have been like to live at this time in a city that contained unbelievable wealth and unbelievable poverty. She frames her story around two major fires that took place at that time. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire where over 140 people died to a locked door, absence of a sprinkler system, and inadequate fire equipment, and most importantly greedy management. The second fire was the Dreamland Fire that for all practical purposes destroyed the area of Coney Island.

The story chronicles the lives of two young people. Coralie Sardie whose father owns a museum that today would be considered a freak show. He conditions his daughter to become a mermaid in his show and shelters her from the real world. Ezekiel Cohen who came to this country with his father find themselves at odds with each other regarding religion everyday life. He disowns his religion and his father and sets out to be a photographer. “The Museum of Extraordinary Things” falls on hard times due to competition and Coralie begins to explore life and discovering shocking things about her life. Ezekiel and Coralie come together when Ezekiel becomes involved in the hunt for a missing girl that may have run afoul while working for better working conditions in the sweat shops of New York.

A beautifully told story that should more than satisfy any reader interested in this era of history, but those that are also looking for a good romance mixed with mystery. 

Reviewed by Paul Pessolano from

Monday, July 28, 2014

Pandora Jones: Admission

Location: FIC JONS 
Genre: Plague. Pandemic. Intuition. Secrets. Truth. Courage. Action. Survival.
By: Barry Jonsberg

Miss Bigge reckons you guys will LOVE this book- she did!!!
Pandora Jones wakes in a changed world at The School - a sanctuary for survivors of a plague pandemic. Haunted by terrible dreams, surrounded by traumatic events, Pandora must trust her instincts if she is to stay safe. And her instincts suggest that The School is hiding secrets. The first book in a brilliant YA series by a multi-award-winning author- check out the trailer!

The Castle Heart

By: Sophie Masson
Location: FIC MAS
Genre: Kind of like a real people Shrek!

Shrek x Princess Bride x Sleeping Beauty x Rapunzel x Frozen.
Can there be such a thing? Well it is true love and that does not happen every day!

Oh yeah, pretty chick stuck in tower, needs rescuing, handsome guard falls for it, a prophecy  of death. Its all here- the true love story.
A deftly woven tale of warring kingdoms and the redeeming power of love. Another winner from Sophie Masson.' - Juliet Marillier, author of the Shadowfell series - See more at:
A deftly woven tale of warring kingdoms and the redeeming power of love. Another winner from Sophie Masson.' - Juliet Marillier, author of the Shadowfell series - See more at:
 A deftly woven tale of warring kingdoms and the redeeming power of love. Another winner from Sophie Masson.' - Juliet Marillier, author of the Shadowfell series -
A deftly woven tale of warring kingdoms and the redeeming power of love. Another winner from Sophie Masson.' - Juliet Marillier, author of the Shadowfell series - See more at:

A deftly woven tale of warring kingdoms and the redeeming power of love. Another winner from Sophie Masson.' - Juliet Marillier, author of the Shadowfell series - See more at:
In an underground kingdom a crystal heart split in two, symbolising true love lost ...
When Kasper joins the elite guard watching over a dangerous prisoner in a tower, he believes he is protecting his country from a powerful witch. Until one day he discovers the prisoner is a beautiful princess Izolda of Night who is condemned by a prophecy to die on her eighteenth birthday. Kasper decides to help her escape. But their hiding place won't remain secret forever. Will they find their happily ever after? 'A deftly woven tale of warring kingdoms and the redeeming power of love.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Legion and The Emperor's Soul

By: Brandon Sanderson
Location: Fic San
Genre: Sanderson- he gets his own! But if you don't know- he writes awesome Fantasy!

We have EVERY Sanderson book there is, we will get everyone he writes and the fan club at Cambridge High School is growing.
His books get issued to  students who are not frequent  library users, they sneak in here and gobble them up. This book has two short novels, one called Legion and the other The Emperor's Soul.
When we process this book- it will get the heavy duty treatment- tape all over it, we know it will be hot!!!

 LEGION ', is a man whose unique mental condition allows him to generate a multitude of personae. As the story begins, Leeds and his 'aspects' are drawn into the search for the missing Balubal Razon, inventor of a camera whose astonishing properties could alter our understanding of human history and change the very structure of society. The action ranges from the familiar environs of America to the ancient, divided city of Jerusalem. Along the way, Sanderson touches on a formidable assortment of complex questions: the nature of time, the mysteries of the human mind, the potential uses of technology, and the volatile connection between politics and faith. Resonant, intelligent, and thoroughly absorbing
 THE EMPEROR'S SOUL When Shai is caught replacing the Moon Scepter with her nearly flawless forgery, she must bargain for her life. An assassin has left the Emperor Ashravan without consciousness, a circumstance concealed only by the death of his wife. If the emperor does not emerge after his 100-day mourning period, the rule of the Heritage Faction will be forfeit and the empire will fall into chaos. Shai is given an impossible task: to create - to Forge - a new soul for the emperor in less than 100 days. But her soul-Forgery is considered an abomination by her captors. She is confined to a tiny, dirty chamber, guarded by a man who hates her, spied upon by politicians, and trapped behind a door sealed in her own blood. Shai's only possible ally is the emperor's most loyal councillor, Gaotona, who struggles to understand her true talent. Time is running out for Shai. Forging, while deducing the motivations of her captors, she needs a perfect plan to escape...

IF I STAY : The Movie

OK - have to say it,  yep- I got tears in my eyes....

The movie is coming out in November - so come and read the books first, it is by Gayle Foreman

Would you chose to live, or would you want to die? This is going to be good and  I reckon a great topic for a good few discussions in the library office with my Yr 12 gang!

As always- READ THE BOOK FIRST!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Two Blankets

By: Irena Koblad and Freya Blackwood
Location: PIC KOB
Genre: ohhh Bless

OK, I know, we are a secondary school, so what the heck are we doing having picture books in here.
Well- it is about blankets and I love snuggling into my blankie at home. It is red and rich, soothing and wrapped in a soft humanity. My blankie tells me I am at home and safe, it has memories and a story. My blankie is fully a piece of me.

This story is about a girl and her family who have run from war in Africa. They have come to a strange land, a land that is frightening, a land where no-one understands her words, a place where all she wants to do is hide under her blankie.
But then a friends helps her, and gradually she gets to know a new language, and  become less frightened of her new life and this weaves a whole new blanket, a different one that becomes worthy to snuggle into.

Kill your Boss

By: Shane Kuhn
Location: FIC KUH
Genre: Mystery/Thriller that is funny

Of course if I killed my boss, I would not have a job and so I could not blog. I like blogging so I will not kill my boss. Unless of course I was an assassin.

“44% of my kills came from my superior coffee-making ability. It’s simple, puts you in direct contact with the target and it can be a vector for a variety of weapons.

John Lago is not your average intern. He’s actually a highly trained stone cold contract killer who infiltrates multinational corporations and government agencies to eliminate heavily guarded executives for Human Resources Inc, his shady employer. The FBI believes HR Inc is responsible for the deaths of over 100 corporate figureheads across the US.

Kill Your Boss opens with Lago explaining that the book you’re holding is an unofficial survival guide for new recruits to HR Inc. Being a contract killer is a dirty job and life expectancy is short. He supplies various rules that employees should follow to get close to their targets and survive. One is to become an intern at the firm. They’re invisible, ultra low ranking drones who are there to work for free.

Assassination, no matter how easy it looks in the movies, is the most difficult, stressful, and lonely profession on the planet.
Even when you're disguised as an intern.
John Lago is a hitman. He has some rules for you. And he's about to break every single one.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dorothy must Die

By: Danielle Paige
Location: FIC PAI
Genre: Wizard of OZ revisited as Youth Fiction

This is another re-write of a classic, it is souped up, fantasied up, has a gutsy heroine, an assassin, romance, clones and magic!! All in one book.

I didn't ask for any of this. I didn't ask to be some kind of hero.
But when your whole life gets swept up by a tornado—taking you with it—you have no choice but to go along, you know?

Sure, I've read the books. I've seen the movies. I know the song about the rainbow and the happy little blue birds. But I never expected Oz to look like this. To be a place where Good Witches can't be trusted, Wicked Witches may just be the good guys, and winged monkeys can be executed for acts of rebellion. There's still the yellow brick road, though—but even that's crumbling.

What happened to Dorothy?
They say she found a way to come back to Oz. They say she seized power and the power went to her head. And now no one is safe.

My name is Amy Gumm—and I'm the other girl from Kansas.
I've been recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked.
I've been trained to fight.
And I have a mission:

REMOVE: The Tin Woodman's heart
STEAL: The Scarecrows Brain
TAKE: The Lions courage
and then...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Daemon and Freedom

By: Daniel Suarez
Location: FIC SUA
Genre: Internet Fiction- Techno Thriller

Already an underground sensation, a high-tech thriller for the wireless age that explores the unthinkable consequences of a computer program running without human control—a daemon—designed to dismantle society and bring about a new world order.

What does technology do in my day today- it is 90% of my working day, all my communication, it manages my finances,  it is my news provider, my music supplier, my evening entertainment tonight, my connection with my family. I will email, snapchat, twitter, facebook, I will be online banking, booking accommodation in Ghana, and filling out an online visa for India. I even rely on it for the lights and heating I use in my home and the gas I use in my cooking.
I am connected and I rely on it- it controls me.

I like my fellow beings are totally reliant on our connectability. What if someone had the power to unplug me, or even more vitally- the ability to disconnect our entire corporate, financial and governmental systems using a daemon- 

 When a designer of computer games dies, he leaves behind a program that unravels the Internet's interconnected world. It corrupts, kills, and runs independent of human control. It's up to Detective Peter Sebeck to wrest the world from the malevolent virtual enemy before its ultimate purpose is realized: to destroy civilization. The Daemon secures a growing stranglehold on the world's most precious commodity: information. And once you control information itself, how easy would it be to remake the world? It is up to an unlikely alliance - a computer illiterate detective and a white-hat hacker with secrets of his own - to challenge the monster that Sobol unleashed from beyond the grave. But before they can confront the Daemon they must discover what it wants...
What Daemon does is mix suspense, action and technology into a story that is rich with heroes, villains and a surprisingly plausible plot about a computer script taking over world corporations.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All my Friends are Super Heroes

By: Andrew Kaufman
Location: FIC KAU
Genre: Profound- yet humorous

This is a tenth anniversary edition so this book has been around a bit, but here at school we have just discovered it!
It is quirky, it is gwarfing, it is desperate, is is very funny, it is sad.
Most of all- it is very clever! The lists of possible superpowers is very mind boggling and down right funny!  I reckon they had great dinner conversations making them up.

If I had a super power I think  I would want it to be teleporting. How awesome it would be to be able to be in one place- say in Italy, near the beach, with pizza and wine, with music and sun and then GaZam- be hanging out with my friends at the foot hills of the Himalaya's and then whammy- be back in New Zealand to watch a Test Match with my family and boof- be in Africa at dusk, watching elephants meander to their murky water hole... so much fun. I could be with all the people I love at the times they needed to celebrate, or grieve, or be listened to- just like that!!
In this story "Perf" had the super power of perfection, but in a jealous rage "Hypno" made her husband invisible on their wedding day. He was "regular" he had no superpowers, but Tom loved Perf very much and he had to win her back- he had to make her see him.
Nothing he does can make her see him. Six months later, she's sure that Tom has abandoned her.

So she's moving to Vancouver. She'll use her superpower to make Vancouver perfect and leave all the heartbreak in Toronto. With no idea Tom's beside her, she boards an airplane in Toronto. Tom has until the wheels touch the ground in Vancouver to convince her he's visible, or he loses her forever