Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Street Art

Two books

Street Art by Johannes Stahl

Burn After Reading by Romanywg

  Graffiti annoys me- I hate it. It is like a dog marking its territory. but Street Art- now that is clever, it is a statement, it is a moral opinion, it has political comments, it is  a true and pure art form.
It our generations Picasso. These books are mesmerizing, consuming and fantastic. I was tempted not make them "Not for Loan" which I do so rarely, I am scared if they leave the library they may not come back- yet I reckon they will be awesome for some great discussion around a dinner table, or on a coffee table. So here you go- take them home, engage, debate, form an opinion, be moved, angered, and challenged- for that is what Street Art wants you to do!

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