Monday, July 21, 2014

My Two Blankets

By: Irena Koblad and Freya Blackwood
Location: PIC KOB
Genre: ohhh Bless

OK, I know, we are a secondary school, so what the heck are we doing having picture books in here.
Well- it is about blankets and I love snuggling into my blankie at home. It is red and rich, soothing and wrapped in a soft humanity. My blankie tells me I am at home and safe, it has memories and a story. My blankie is fully a piece of me.

This story is about a girl and her family who have run from war in Africa. They have come to a strange land, a land that is frightening, a land where no-one understands her words, a place where all she wants to do is hide under her blankie.
But then a friends helps her, and gradually she gets to know a new language, and  become less frightened of her new life and this weaves a whole new blanket, a different one that becomes worthy to snuggle into.

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