Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recon Team Angel Assault

By: Brian Falkner
Location: FIC FAL
Genre: Sci Fi war

The first in a high octane sci-fi adventure series by best-selling and award-winning author, Brian Falkner. It is 2030, and the world is at war with an alien race. The Bzadians. The battleground: Earth. Recon Team Angel, made up of teenagers from around the world, has been training for years. They have learned Bzadian languages. Learned how to operate their weapons. How to work, eat, and think like them. Now it is time to act. Recon Team Angel must slip behind enemy lines, work their way into the top-secret alien facility under Uluru, and uncover the truth. But what they discover will shock not just them, but all of humanity.

Pams Whisper

By: Sue Lawson
Location: FIC LAW
Genre: Youth Fiction- relationships and family.

Pan Harris is is brash, loud and damaged. Ordered into foster care, Pan is full of anger at the mother who abandoned her, and the older sister who kept her from her father. Pan is certain that she knows the reality of her past - until she meets Hunter, the boy who understands her story better than anyone else, and who just may be the key to unlocking the truth of Pan's memories. But are some memories best left forgotten? And is Hunter worth Pan breaking her most important rule - Never. Trust. Anyone

I shall wear midnight

By: Terry Pratchett

Location: FIC PRA

Genre: Pratchett- he has his own genre!!

My son and my nephew LOVE Pratchett and the Discworld books- it has made them funny, wierd, witty and maybe even wise, so when any new Pratchett books come out - Im in.

This new one "has brilliantly funny dialogue and high peaks of imagination" The Times. If you love language, puns, wordplay and the creation of formidible characters and stories- then you simply MUST read Pratchett.

The Bad Queen

By: Carolyn Meyer
Location: FIC MEY
Genre: Historical Fiction

More of my favourite genre, historical fiction this time set in France. Who was Marie-Antionette- was she as bad as I have ben made to think, did she deserve her beheading on the streets of Paris.

History paints her as a shallow party girl, a spoiled fashionista, a callous ruler. Perhaps no other royal has been so maligned--and so misunderstood--as Marie-Antoinette. In this latest installment of her acclaimed Young Royals series, Carolyn Meyer reveals the dizzying rise and horrific downfall of the last Queen of France.

From the moment she was betrothed to the dauphin of France at age fourteen, perfection was demanded of Marie-Antoinette. She tried to please everyone--courtiers, her young husband, the king, the French people--but often fell short of their expectations. Desperate for affection and subjected to constant scrutiny, this spirited young woman can't help but want to let loose with elaborate parties, scandalous fashions, and other unimaginable luxuries. But as Marie-Antoinette's lifestyle gets ever more recklessly extravagant, the peasants of France are suffering from increasing poverty--and becoming outraged. They want to make the queen pay.

The Bad Queen is a fresh look at an endlessly fascinating life.

Urban Assassin

By: Jim Aldridge
Genre: War

Location: FIC ELD

Mitch and the boys of Delta Unit are on their most dangerous mission yet. And this time it is personal...

THE MISSION: To stop the assassination of the British prime Minister by a ruthless renegade killer. But this assassin is no stranger to the team- he is a highly trained, ex-member of Delta Unit.

THE SQUAD: elite Black-Ops soldiers- Gaz, Two Moons, Tug, Benny and nelson- codename, Delta Unit.



Carrier of the Mark

This looks so cool- and we have it now in the library.


By: Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
Series: Tunnel Series
Location: FIC GOR
Genre: Adventure

If you thought the Limiters were nasty, think again. They've brought their females with them this time. And all that stands in their way are Will and his friends, and a rag-bag team of retired commandos. It's a smoking spiral of chaos and not everyone is going to survive.

How to be a boy

By: Short Stories - so a whole lot of authors.

Location: FIC HOW

Genre: Short Stories for the lads.



Ian Beck, Mal Peet, Tim Wynne Jones and 7 other authors write about what it really means to be a man. Inspiring and pro boys, a book to counter the bad press guys are getting and stories about manning up and showing what courage young men do have in the face of adversity.

Time Raiders - The Eternal War

We have the new book in the library... check this out!!


By: Marcus Sedgwick
Location: Fic Sed
Genre: Everything- Love, Vampires, Sci Fi and Fantasy

What would you sacrifice for someone you've loved forever?

"I will live seven times and I will look for you and love you in each life. Will you follow?

Have you ever had the feeling that you've lived another life? Been somewhere that has felt totally familiar even when you've never been there before, or felt that you've known someone even though you are meeting them for the first time? In a novel comprising seven parts each of them influenced by a moon - flower moon, harvest moon, hunter's moon, blood moon - and travelling from 2073 back in time to the dark of the moon and the days of Viking saga, this is the story of Eric and Merle who have loved and lost one another and who have been searching for each other ever since. In the different stories the two appear as lovers, mother and son, brother and sister, artist and child as they come close to finding each other before facing the ultimate sacrifice. Beautifully imagined, intricately and cleverly structured this is a heart-wrenching and breathtaking love story, but it also has the hallmark Sedgwick gothic touch with plenty of blood-spilling, a vampire and sacrifice.

Passion- The Book Trailer

This series is running hot in the library- check out the trailer and you will see why!


By: Kathy Reichs
Genre: Forensic Fiction
Location: FIC REI
Fourteen-year-old Tory Brennan is as fascinated by bones and dead bodies as her famous aunt, acclaimed forensic anthropologist, Tempe Brennan. However living on a secluded island off Charleston in South Carolina there is not much opportunity to put her knowledge to the test. Until her and her ragbag group of technophile friends stumble across a shallow grave containing the remains of a girl who has been missing for over thirty years. The question is, did whoever was responsible for the girl's death have anything to do with the sick puppy they rescued from a secret laboratory on the same island? With the cold-case murder suddenly hot, Tory realises that they are involved in something fatally dangerous.

If James Patterson loves it- you simply cannot go wrong.

Stay With Me

By: Paul Griffin

Location: FIC GRI

Genre: Youth Fiction- Drama

The door opens, and this guy comes in, kind of tall, clean cut, definitely nice-looking, but there's something wrong with him. he strikes me as both wounded and perhaps a little dangerous...

And so it began...

The latest Listener magazine rates this book really highly as its number one youth fiction for 2011- so it must be good.This story is about hope, and first love and it will apparently change the way you think about the world- sounds like a challenge to me!!

The Rogue Princess

By: Eve Edwards

Genre: Historical youth fiction

Location: FIC DEW


I love historical fiction and none more than set in Tudor England. Throw in some forbidden love, a merchants daughter who falls in love with a vagabond and we have a great story.

The Shadow Girl

By: John Larkin
Genre: Youth Ficton:- A thriller with survival themes
Location: FIC LAR
Tragic, comic and epic, The Shadow Girl is as devastating as it is inspiring " Marcus Zusak.
The shadow girl never imagines she would live on the streets. After her parents disappear, life with her aunt and uncle takes a sinister turn. Terrified that the authorities will believe her uncle over her, she flees. Then she pretends...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tin Tin Movie Trailer

You all would have seen the Tin Tin comics and posters around the library- that is because I am very excited about the Steven Speilberg/Peter Jackson movie that is coming our way over Christmas. So come on in - read a few of the comics and get the vibe before you watch the movie.

Muppet Movie

Oh yeah cant wait..