Monday, February 21, 2011

Glory Girl

Genre: Fiction ( Historical Romance)
Location: FIC YEL

London, 1927: The jazz age. Aviators seek too conquer new frontiers in the sky. Former wartime ace James Harrington has his sights set on being the first person to fly from Britain to Australia in a light aircraft- with so much sea and desert, he has been told it cannot be done... A feisty Australian called Sarah Carson, can help him make his dream come true- so long as he takes her for the ride.....So begins the adventure, until half way around the world the plane disappears...

Friday, February 18, 2011

All Blacks don't cry

By: John Kirwan
Genre: Non Fiction
Location: 920 KIR - Sport

This is a story of hope, "I have been to hell and back. If you're in that same place, then I understand what you are going through".
JK -one of the most devastating wingers New Zealand and world rugby has ever seen, but behind closed doors John Kirwan lived a life of torment, afflicted with depression. This is his story of hope. of working through his pain and leading a full life. If you are battling depression, then "hang onto hope" and read this book.


By: Maggie Stiefvater

Genre: Fiction- Fantasy

Location: STI

This is by the author who wrote the best sellers "Shiver" and "Linger". Lament is about a 16 year old girl called Dee, and she is a cloverhand- someone who can see faeries. When Dee is drawn to mysterious and beautiful Luke, Dee sense that he wants something more dangerous than a summer romance. What Dee does not know is that Luke is a faerie assassin..and that she is his next target!!

Who dares wins

By: Chris Ryan

Genre: Fiction- war

Location: RYA

Another SAS veteran who has proved himself a worthy novelist. Chris Ryan writes out of his own experience as an SAS crack soldier. This novel is set in Afghanistan, it is about the politics of war, its about blood brothers, its about world peace, its about loyalty. The Evening Standard called this book "a muscle and bone thriller that will get blood pumping".

Wall and piece

By: Banksy
Genre: Non Fiction - Graffiti Art
Location: 751.7 BAN

The phantom graffiti artist has complied a book of his best "works on a wall". This is art, amazing art, done by "Banksy" who asserts that " A wall has always been the best place to publish your work". He is a true artist and this book highlights his greatest graffiti works... and no-one knows who Banksy really is, he has never been caught creating his master pieces on the wall.

This book is amazing!!!!

Seven Troop

By: Andy McNabb

Genre: True War

Location: 920 MCN - War

From the SAS soldier comes another storming battering ram of thrill packed, unforgettable SAS drama.... and its all true.

This is Andy McNab's gripping account of the time he serves in "the band of brothers" - it tells of combat in Malaysia, Iran, Afghanistan...

The Sunday Times says its "The best account yet of the SAS in action" and the Times says it is "one of the most extraordinary examples of courage and survival in modern warfare".

Rebel with a cause; New Zealander of the year

By: Ray Avery

Genre: Biography

Location: 920 AVE (New Zealand section)

Rebel with a cause is the inspiring story of a true Kiwi hero who overcame childhood neglect and abuse to become a successful scientist and businessman, and who has saved millions of lives in the third world. He was the new Zealander of the year in 2010. This book is fascinating, deeply moving, and at times very funny. Above all, it's an engaging read about how one man truly can change the world.
"Ray Avery is a remarkable individual who overcame the odds to become an inspiration to all new Zealanders. This is a man who believed in himself and rose above his circumstances to attain excellence" John Key.

Hand me down world

By: Lloyd Jones

Genre: Senior Fiction

Location: JON

This book by the author of the Man Booker prize nominee "Mr Pip", is another brilliant novel. It is based in Africa and heads into Berlin. Its about an unnamed woman on an impassioned quest, she relies on stranger's to help her, some are generous, others exploitative, and she encounters love, betrayal, and finally the truth...

Isabel Allende called it "poetic, heartbreaking and surprising"...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Legendary Guitarists and their guitars

By: Dom Kiris

Genre: Non Fiction Music

Location: 787.87 KIR

This is a great book that I thought my son who plays guitar and plays in a band would love to get his hands on. It has ALL the makes of guitars that will make you drool and it tells you about the famous players of those guitars. Fender, Gibson, Ibenaz, Martin, Hofner.... and many more are profiled. Its a colourful book fill of illustrations...

Shadow of the Boyd

By: Diana Menefy

Genre: Junior Historical Fiction

Location: MEN

Great New Zealand fiction based on the true story of the sailing ship "Boyd". Its about a friendship between two young sailors, a Maori lad called George and a young apprentice sailor called Thomas.

Its a powerful story from our colonial past, the bitter clash of two cultures. Its about massacre, revenge and its enthralling.

Boys don't cry

By: Malorie Blackman

Genre: Fiction

From the writer of "Noughts and Crosses"...

You're waiting for the postman- he's bringing your exam results. University,a career as a journalist..a glittering future lies ahead. But the doorbell rings and it's your old girlfriend; and she is carrying a baby...your baby.

She has had enough and now it's your turn. What would you do?

The one that got away

By: Chris Ryan

Genre: True SAS War Stories

During the Gulf War in 1991, Chris Ryan became seperated from the other members of the SAS patrol, Bravo Two Zero. Alone he beat off an Iraqi attack and set out for Syria. Over the next seven days he walked over 200 miles, his life in constant danger. Out of the eight SAS members involved in this famous mission, only Chris Ryan escaped capture, this is his story.

Chris Ryan is my son' favoutite author, his stories are gritty, honest and based on what could, did or may happen...