Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dandelion Clocks

By: Rebecca Westcott
Location: FIC WES
Genre: TFIOS but a Mum and a Daughter.

Another sad book, another book about fighting the big C, another book that needs tissues, this one deals with an eleven year old girl and her dying Mum.

Cancer is a horrid evil, it is a robber, a stealer, a hunter,- it has no mercy, no friends and it is indiscriminate. It hurts, it destroys and it leaves in its path a carnage of pain, regrets, emptiness and hopelessness. It does not matter if you are young and in love like TFIOS  or old and journeyed like my recent friends death- the pain of cancer is relentless.

Dandelion Clocks is about eleven year old Liv. She has a Dad who's a photographer, a fourteen year old brother with Aspergers Syndrome and a loving, fun Mum. However, Liv's whole world seems to cave in when her Mum is diagnosed with a terminal illness. As the illness takes hold, Liv has to learn to cook, put on make-up and set new rules for her brother, learn to navigate the unfamiliar territory of womanhood and the hardships of growing up. Guided by her Mum's old journals from her teenage years and through her love for photography, Liv learns that although things will never be the same again, with the help of the journals and her new camera, things might just be okay in the end.

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