Monday, March 7, 2011

Kabul Girls Soccer Club

By:Awista Ayub

Genre: Non Fiction Sports Biography

Location: 920 AYU Sport

Awista Ayub was a refugee from Afghanistan in the 1980's when the Russians attacked, she went to live in the USA. She resolved that one day she wanted to make a difference to her home country. After the Taliban collapsed she fulfilled her dream. She found 8 girls aged from 10-16 and bough them to the USA where she coached them in soccer and leadership skills. These eight girls were raised under the legalistic horror of the Taliban, where woman were despised and harshly treated, unable to attend school or walk outside without a berqa and a family male beside her. Now they were planning to start soccer clubs and play a sport that was banned to all woman. These young girls faced death threats and were persecuted but courage drove them on to continue. Now there is a full woman's soccer league in Kabul, thanks to these girls. This is their inspirational story.

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