Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eating Animals

By: Jonathon Safran Foer
Location: NF 613.2 FOE
Genre: Food and Ethics

I like meat, I love a good steak, I adore lamb curry and pan fried fish- hmmmm:) I am also pleased that mostly the meat I eat is from New Zealand, and our animals are treated with more dignity than the USA animals of mass consumption are. Yet in saying that it would be wrong for me to ignorantly stuff my mouth with medium rare and not know or understand what the issues with mass production of meat is doing to our worlds food supply as a whole. My husband and daughter have read this book, they still eat meat- but far less and far more thoughtfully.
My fear is if I read this book- then I will become a vegetarian as so many have- it is that powerful. Jonathon Safran Foer wrote this book from the journey of explaining to his son where the meat on his dinner plate came from and as he researched and discovered the truth of farming animals intensely for the BBQ, he came to the conclusion that eating animals is wrong.
He reckons Americans choose to eat less than .25% of the known edible food on the planet, and we can do so much better with a greater variety and not put the world food supply at risk.
So maybe it is time for me to figure out what some of the other 99.75% and go and explore that.
So Foer has illuminated everything and told this story extremely loud and made it incredible close to home.

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