Thursday, August 8, 2013

Prince of Thorns

By: Mark Lawrence
Location: Fic Law
Genre: Game of Thrones revisited...
Series: Broken Empire

It is gory, it is violent, it is gripping, it is a medieval fantasy trilogy.
Robin Hobb calls it "Dark and relentless."
Let me give you a taste..
" To reach greatness you must step on bodies.
Ill win this game of ours, though the cost of it may drown the world in blood"
Nothing like rage, treachery, rape, bloodthirsty thugs, slaughter, omens and dark magic to keep you reading, as for me Narnia is as far as I go, but since you are not all pathetic like me- go for it.
King of Thorns and Emperor of Thorns awaits you as well.
Don't say I did not warn you...

" A morbidly gripping, gritty fantasy tale"- Publishers Weekly

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