Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Heston's Fantastical Feasts

By: Heston Blumenthal
Location: NF 641.59 BLU
Genre: Science, cooking and entertainment, so Scicookiment.

Ah yes- how to blow up food and eat it. Horror Food that is delicious. Titanic Ships you can eat and Willy Wonka made real.  Here is a few of the dishes in the menu: Dracula's Little Bites, Jekyll and Hydes Bubbling Potion of Transformation, Chocolate Water and the BFG, Lickable Wallpaper, or Savoury Slush Puppies.
This guy cooks like he is Roald Dahl's imagination let loose in a kitchen with King Henry the 8th watching over his every move as he sails into the yonder on the Titanic. If he moves- he cooks it, if he can think it up- he makes it. What I love about Heston Blumenthal- it all comes from his own genius, he has had no formal training as a chef, he just is the world best one!

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