Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Friend the Enemy

By: Dan Smith
Location: FIC SMI
Genre: War
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Now there is an oxymoron- My Friend the Enemy. I reckon country music is an oxymoron as well.
It is because of books, stories, that I am becoming more of a pacifist, stories like Private Peaceful and Tu - they just annoyed me so much. Young men, talented, hopeful, and strong lads, sons, husbands and brothers- going to war to obey at times senseless orders- to kill and to die.
Yes I know that at times there is no choice and at times we need to protect our land, our freedoms with force, but to wilfully, blindly march in gungho war, declaring all of those people we fight against as evil- is not worth my sons dying for.
This is a story about Peter in 1941. A German plane is downed in his rural English village and he and his friend Kim, discover the enemy- a German soldier. They discover something about him- he feels, he laughs, he hurts, he has family, he is not the representation of all evil Nazism- he is in fact -Erik.
This story is about courage, it is about the choices we make- because they are right, and if Peters dad is in hiding in Germany as a soldier, maybe someone would look after him- as he plans to look after Erik- but it is not that simple, it often never is, when your friend is supposed to be your enemy.
This book has great reviews, and it is written really well!

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