Monday, August 12, 2013

Ship breaker and The Drowned Cities

By: Paolo Bacigalupui
Location: FIC BAC
Genre: Dystopia, violence and a bit of Social Justice to make you think!
Series: Ship Breaker


I have seen the doco's. We nearly all have. Kids in India and Bangladesh clambering around in old ship graveyards, trying get anything of value from them and then on selling them for a pittance, while others make huge amounts of money off their toil. We have seen how they scarp like seagulls over a french fry for whatever piece of coil, or scrap, they can find. The ship breakers in Bangladesh make for heartbreaking doco viewing.
This book is a dystopian view of this world, set in The Gulf- where oil spills happen and hurricanes of huge force occur. This is about a gang of ship breakers. the protagonist is a feisty young male called Nailor, he has the soul of a gladiator yet struggles always between what is smart and what is right.  The world is against him, especially his drug addicted angry father, there are no ''nice" characters in this story- they are all too busy trying to fight to survive. This books theme would have to be how people lose their humanity in the face of adversity.. but then a  young woman is found, on a ship being wrecked and what she does to Nailor and the ship breakers- becomes the soul and heart of this story. With a minimal love interest, this book is great for guys, it is technical, violent, harsh and real.
It is a trilogy. The Drowned Cities is second in the series and the third one is yet to be ....

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