Wednesday, August 14, 2013


By: Valerio Massimo Manfredi
Location: FIC MAN
Genre: Historical Fiction

According to Herodotus, not all the three hundred Spartan warriors perished during the Battle of Thermopylae: Two were spared and this is there story...

One is a cripple- the other- a warrior and they are brothers, they just don't know it!

If you saw the movie and likes  The 300 or Clash of the Titans- then this is a book for you.
Set in 504BC - 464BC in ancient Greece, this historical fiction was a thrilling read. The story begins in Sparta, and follows a young man born to a noble Spartan family, but abandoned due to his deformity. The boy is found by a Helot and raised as a servant to the Spartans. He later travels the world, and is torn between his upbringing and his heritage and the mystery surrounding his purpose.

An amazing story of courage and bravery and a fascinating look at the culture and laws of this period. Plenty of politics, intrigue, prophecy and war to keep you engrossed for the duration of the book.

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