Wednesday, August 7, 2013


By: Wendy Delsol
Location: FIC DEL
Genre: Fantasy and Love with a twist of Norse

Cool cover but why does every amazing female heroine have a name starting with K. Why cant a heroine be called Riley or Helen or Joy!! Why do they all start with K- does K have super powers or something! Anyway Katla the protagonist in this story is part of a ancient order of woman called Storks. Katla is a modern girl, into fashion, she has the typical angst with boys- good and bad, has to deal with her parents divorce and she writes for a column in the school paper -normal stuff, but she is not normal.
After her parents get divorced, Katla moves to her mom's hometown in Minnesota, which is full of people of Icelandic descent. Katla discovers that she's a member of a secret society known as the Storks, women who help guide souls into the right vessel - ie, they see a vision of a baby and help decide who the right mother is. It deals with Icelandic myths and not better-known ones. The author does a great job breaking down the lore and customs for the reader and putting it all in a contemporary setting. Katla is a fun main character, as she's got a mind of her own and isn't a passive individual. She takes action and really speaks her mind when necessary. There was also a good balance between the more paranormal parts - mainly to do with Stork duty - and Katla's life outside this society, from making friends at school to dealing with her parents.

" A snappy lighthearted supernatural romance" BOOKLIST

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