Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alexander- Series

By: Valerio Massimo Manfredi
Location FIC MAN
Genre: Historical Fiction

This is a brutal trilogy of power, passion and grand adventure. It is the story of Alexander the Great, tutored by Aristotle, in love with Queen Olympias and on the journey to become the mightiest and most charismatic warrior the world has seen. He is one of the worlds greatest characters and this trilogy is written by Professor Manfredi- a prof in Classical Archeology- he knows his stuff!
This epic trilogy tours the known world  with an army that crushes any resistance at every turn, - Babylon, Persia, Egypt, India, the heart of Asia.
Actually- with this combo of history that takes me to exotic places of the world and at the same gives me some great learning of how our world was formed- I reckon this series will end up on my E Book and I will take it to Africa on my own exotic journey - I will feast on an amazing series.
All you Yr 13's that study Alexander in classics- this is the real story, the heart and the passion- I challenge you to read this and not come up with far better essays, because you will have the guts of the story, the colour and the tastes- go on - I dare you!!!!!

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