Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Between the lives

By: Jessica Shirvington
Location: FIC SHI
Genre: Fantasy

The perfect life- OR the perfect love? Which one??

This story has an interesting plot- Sabine has two lives. A bit like our  neighbours cat! Lives a life of luxury in one home, and a life of fear and scare in the other- but one human pats him- so he keeps coming back. Two lives, two homes all in one day!!

 At midnight Sabine shifts and spends 24 hours in that life. At midnight she shifts back to midnight again and continues on with that day. She doesn't ever miss a day, or even a minute, she lives every day twice but there are differences between each life.  In one life she is glamerous, she has a designer wardrobe, perfect grades and the hot guy in school to date. In this life her future is charmed.  But then she shifts into her other world. In the second world she is from a poorer family, she is a bit of a rebel, her options arent great- yet her family cares for her.
In one life she has a sister, in the other she doesnt, her two lives are so different- yet it is just one life she lives.
For Sabine, life seems pretty set, she has come to terms with the fact that this is how her life is going to be forever, until the day she breaks her arm in one of her lives. her mind starts spiralling as she has never broken anything before; how is she going to explain a broken arm in her rich life? however, when she wakes the following day in her other life; no broken arm. how can that happen? Why hasn’t she ever tested this out before? Ultimately, can she kill herself in one life and live forever in the other? So the choice.... which one!

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