Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Partials and Fragments

By: Dan Wells
Location: FIC WEL
Genre: Dystopia and Post Apocalyptic

This is about babies, it is about death, it is about survival and a deathly virus, it has real science in it and an amazing protagonist- Kira- that gives Katniss a great run for her money. It has rave reviews! Why is death and the end of the world so popular, or maybe it is the courage we find in those who fight to the end, to survive and overcome, maybe it is that we like!
Fragments is the second in the series and the third book in the series Ruins- is due later this year.
I am telling you now- this will be a blockbuster movie within a couple of years!!

Kira doesn't believe in the Hope Act, the law decreeing that every female over the age of 18 must get pregnant as many times as possible. No baby has ever survived more than a matter of days since the Partial War due to the deadly RM virus and Kira's tired of watching them die right in front of her when she, as a medic, can do nothing at all to save them. So when her best friend gets pregnant, she can't bear to see her child fall prey to the continuous string of disastrous fates and sets off to capture a Partial, the only beings that are immune to the virus, in the hopes of finding a cure before the baby is born.

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