Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chasing the Dark

By: Sam Hepburn
Location: FIC HEP
Genre: Adevnture/Mystery

"Mum's gone. Killed in a hit and run car crash.
Her last words a message for someone I've never heard of.
What happened that night? All I've got is a trail of secrets and lies, but am I just chasing the dark?"

The first in a pulse- pounding crime mystery series starring Joe Slattery, a boy left with nothing, who must uncover the truth of his hidden inheritance.

I wonder what I would say as a last message to my kids-  maybe " Eat with your mouth shut" or  "Wipe the bench down". Hopefully it would be a bit more meaningful like  " Never lose your integrity" or  "be the change..." but what I can tell you for sure- it will have nothing to do with an inheritance- sorry kids- love you anyway!!!

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