Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Noble Conflict

By:Malorie Blackman
Location: FIC BLA
Genre; Dystopia

No Bullets.
No Knives.
No Questions.

OH this book has "ass kicking librarians with purple hair in it"- I love this book!!!!

But can you have a noble conflict. I mean can any war be noble, can any conflict be honourable.

This book reckons so...

Set in a world where the Alliance is a peaceful, prosperous society, defending themselves against the unprovoked attacks of the Insurgency in the least violent way possible - who wouldn't fight for that noble cause?

Thus Kaspar becomes a Guardian, a keeper of the peace whose only weapon is a stun gun that incapacitates, not kills, the enemy. When captured, the Insurgency members are given medical treatment and then questioned, before being humanely imprisoned.

But when Kaspar is involved in an action that sees his best friend die, he meets one of the enemy who not only refuses to kill him, but also rescues him from certain death. He begins to question everything he's ever been told - and he brings those questions to Mackenzie, a young librarian who's a whizz with data mining... Corina- Goodreads.com

Gripping, intriguing and fast paced

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