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Author: Marcus Sedgwick Genre: Action Shortlisted for Carnegie Medal 2010 Razor-sharp, psychological thriller set in a snowy Artic wilderness. Its 1910. In a cabin north of the Artic Circle , in a place murderously cold and desolate, Sig Andersson is alone... alone except the corpse of his father, frozen to death that morning when he fell through the ice on the lake. The cabin is silent -until there is a knock at the door. Its a stranger, and as his extraordinary story unwinds, Sig's thoughts turn more and m ore to his fathers prized possession, a Colt revolver ....


By: Lisa Klein Genre: Drama / Historical Fiction So....Lady MacBeth had a daughter, what is her story? ".... I have given suck, and know How tender 'tis to love the babe that milks me." - Lady MacBeth (1.7.54-55) " Bring forth men-children only!" - MacBeth ( 1.7.72) With a Mother who loves her daughter and a father that only wants a son- Albia's story is set to be colourful and full of intrigue. Some people have called this book a masterpiece and Shakespeare would be pleased that teenagers are discovering MacBeth again.


"The perfect start for aspiring cooks" " A cracking book by a great young lad" Jamie Oliver Yummy recipes, easy to follow, and the ingrediant are easily sourced. The nice glossy photos make your mouth water and it wants to make me go home and cook up a treat.....


By: Sarah N. Harvey Genre: Drama It will take all of Julia's wit, ingenuity and compassion to help her best friend through her unexpected pregnancy... .... One of the great things about Ruth is that she has a moth-flame relationship with catastrophe. Another great thing is that she is really creative, and I'm really pragmatic, so between the two of us we can usually figure something out. It started with the facts...Ruth was pregnant. "The Lit report is at once laugh out loud funny, and heartbreakingly poignant. The scheme that Julia cooks up to protect Ruth is both outrageous and risky, but her loyalty is endearing and we root for its ultimate success, no matter how it unfolds" Shelley Hrdlitschka


by: Nancy Werlin Genre: Fantasy/ Mystery/Romance all in one book!!! Ever heard of the Simon and Garfunkle song "Are you going to Scarborough Fair"? This is the authors version of what that song is about, it has elves, magic, teenage pregnancy and ancient curses. "A fast paced compelling read. With its fantasy, mystery and romantic aspects, the story will appeal to many readers" VOYA "This tale, inspired by the song "Scarborough Fair" showcases the authors finesse at melding genres. It has graceful interplay between wild magic and contemporary reality and catapulting suspense" BOOKLIST