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By: Ex Students of Cambridge High School Location: In Cemeteries all over Europe Genre: World War One I have been quiet on the blog this week, I have been working  hard on the display for next term in our library. In New Zealand we soon celebrate ANZAC day, it is a day where we reflect and remember about our fallen dead from the wars we have been part off. With 100 years since the beginning of WWI I thought it would be good to find out about the boys who went to our school, but fought on foreign soil and died there, never to come home. It has been a sobering week. 32 young men, full of dreams and hopes yet never had the chance to fulfill them. Instead sent to  a place of hell, mud, cold, injuries, screams,  a place of unimaginable degradation, a place of hopelessness, a place of slaughter. Why- why did these young men have to die? I get it for WWII, there was a despot to fight against, but WWI- really, did these lives need to be wasted. I asked my year 12 students- why did we go