Image result for 9781788450010By: Fiona Shaw
Location: FIC SHA
Genre Sci Fi Dystopia

In this tense, page-turning story of survival in near-future England, Jacob must go to all lengths to find his dog and escape to freedom with a gang of rebel children.
In a frighteningly real near future England, Jacob escapes from the Academy orphanage to reenter a world that is grimly recognizable. The Coalition can track anyone, anywhere, from a chip implanted at birth. Now Jacob must fulfill his promise to his parents, find his dog, Jet, and navigate his way out of England. Their only hope is a band of children who have found a way to survive off the grid: The Outwalkers. Their rules are strict, but necessary if they're going to get out alive...

Outwalkers follows a gang of kids and their perilous journey to make it through a country where the government is tracking everyone and their every move is analyzed and controlled. They must live on their wits, and must work together to survive and escape.

"Starts out with a boy’s tense midnight escape from an orphanage and danger fraught trip to reunite with his beloved dog, and then plot twists and turns continue apace after that. Are all the plot machinations realistic? No but who cares, it is a fantastic wild ride through the English countryside and into the deep underbelly of London. Even with the crazy race course of a plot, the many characters are individualistic and have growth throughout the story. I can’t tell you how many times tears came to my eyes from the poignancy of the writing. Oh Jet, I love you so, ya big hairy lug. While the immediate story is tied up at the end, there are still story lines that must be developed in a further book please." Tracett


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