Papa Goose

Image result for 9781760640750By: Michael Quetting
Location: NF 920 QUE
Genre: Geese and science and a man

The charming true story of one man’s journey to raise seven goslings in the name of science.

In Papa Goose, Michael Quetting shares the hilarious and moving true story of how he became a father to seven rambunctious goslings―and the surprising things he learned along the way. Starting right at the beginning, with the eggs, his journey takes him from the incubator all the way to the airstrip, where he must attempt to teach the geese to fly as part of an ambitious scientific research initiative for the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, which tracks animal migrations around the world. For the next eleven months, we follow the newly minted dad as he takes the goslings on daily swims in the lake, tracks them down when they go astray, and watches their personalities develop: feisty, churlish, and lovable. Packed with charm and humor, Papa Goose quickly draws us into the adventure as Gloria, Nemo, and the rest of the crew conquer land, water, and air.

"A scientist at something of a crossroads in his personal life, sets out on an intensive science experiment, learning a lot about nature, and himself. He imprints on seven goslings, and becomes their father, in the hope of getting new flying data from them. The experiment is full of ups and downs and an awful lot of goose dropping. It's a sweet, and funny little book with interesting scientific detail and plenty of popular philosophy designed to make us think about our priorities." Amy


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