Watch Over Me

 By: Nina Lacour

Location: FIC LAC

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, LGBT, Paranormal, Ghosts

“I'm learning that it's good to think about what scares you. To bring it into the light. Even to hold it in your hands, if you can, and feel how it can't hurt you anymore. To think of it and say, 'I am not afraid.” 

Eighteen-year-old Mila has been in the foster system since her mother abandoned her. Now that she’s graduating high school, she has nothing to do and nowhere to call home. So when she gets an offer to work as an intern on the Farm, she readily accepts.

Her main job is to take care of eight-year-old Lee. At first the Farm seems like an idyllic paradise, a remote place on the cliffs with view of the sea far below. But Mila soon realises there’s something more sinister going on. Lee’s recent trauma causes Mila’s own frightening memories to bubble to the surface. And then there are Billy and Liz. What is it they want from her? How much is she willing to give?

Whispered secrets. Sideways glances. A dangerous undertow of violence, complicity, desire, and fear.

"Sometimes sensitive, delicate, poignant hearted people can see things through with their third eye, connecting with restless souls to resonate with their own loneliness, grief, sadness, abandonment.

Have you ever felt like there is a big rock sit on your chest preventing you to breathe properly and have you ever felt like you are the loneliest person in the world as you stand in the moving crowd, barely restraining yourself not to scream, feeling the hurt of your throat because of sobs that never come out!

This book definitely brings out those feelings and showing you the most painful but effective ways to face your fears, learn to forgive yourself, deal with your demons even though they looked like the ghosts you met in your past!

Intense, heartbreaking, harsh, compelling, dark, depressing but it’s pure, realistic, provocative and rejuvenating!

I cried. I hurt. I sighed. I hurt more. Another brilliant author who directly melt the iced cold hearts and crush our souls with her honest and unique talent.

No more words! My tears still pour down! This book pushed me out from my comfort zone and forced me to meet my own ghosts. It hurt a lot. But eventually I feel better. That’s the magic of great words, remarkable stories, unforgettable characters!
 - Nina


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