Alone on the wall

By: Alex Honnold and David Roberts
Location: NF796352 HON
Genre: Rock climbers with a death wish!

A twelve-year-old kid in the audience raised his hand and asked, 'Aren't you afraid you're gonna die?' 
Without missing a beat, Alex shot back, 'We've all gotta die sometimes. You might as well go big.'

My husband is an outdoors man, so is my son. They climb rock walls and kayak white water and bike on mountains, but I am never too worried about them- they want to live! They use ropes when they climb, this guy doesn't. he climbs vertical  walls 100's meters high- unprotected! Even the cover gives me the heebyjeebies!

Alex Honnold is 28 years old, and perhaps the world's best 'free solo' climber, scaling impossible rock faces without ropes, pitons or and support of any kind. There is a purity to Alex's climbs that is easy to comprehend, but impossible to fathom; in the last forty years, only a handful of climbers have pushed 'free soloing' to the razor edge of risk.
Half of them are dead.
From Yosemite's famous Half Dome to the frighteningly difficult El Sendero Luminoso in Mexico, Alone on the Wall is structured around Alex's seven most extraordinary climbing achievements so far. These are tales to make your palms sweat and your feet curl with vertigo. Together, they get to the heart of how - and why - Alex does what he does. Exciting, uplifting and truly awe-inspiring, Alone on the Wall is a book about the essential truths of risk and reward, and the ability to maintain a singular focus, even in the face of extreme danger


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