The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

By: Mitch Albom
Location: FIC ALB
Genre: Classic Albom -Music x fantasy x

I am a big fan of Mitch Albom, it is an immediate buy for me personally and for the library.  This book of course was no exception.
It has a ring of The Book Thief about it, but instead of Death being the narrator it is Music. The story moves from Spain to the UK, to the USA to Waiheke Island in my own country, to The Philippines and back to Spain. It is about music first, or is it about love, can the two collide together, or not? It is about the burden of being gifted and yet the joy of expressing that gift, it is historical both in terms of music but also in terms of our world. It is mystical. It is classic Albom and it is a great read - one I have mulled over since I put it down a week ago...

At nine years old, Frankie Presto is sent to America in the bottom of a boat. His only possession is an old guitar and six precious strings. But Frankie's talent is unique, and his amazing journey weaves him through the musical landscape of the twentieth century, from classical to jazz to rock and roll, with his stunning talent affecting numerous stars along the way, including Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Carole King and even KISS. Frankie becomes a pop star himself. He makes records. He is adored. But his gift is also his burden, as he realises, through his music, he can actually affect people's futures -- with one string turning blue whenever a life is altered. At the height of his popularity, Frankie Presto vanishes. His legend grows. Only decades later does he reappear, to change one last life ...


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