Across the Risen Sea


 By:  Bren MacDibble

Location: FIC MAC

Genre: Climate Change , Mystery, Survival Ecotopian

"The third novel from this multi-award winning NZ author, Across the Risen Sea follows her theme of climate change as in How to Bee and The Dog Runner. It's a heart-stopping adventure, with a mystery, bravery and friendship all rolled in to one"

"Part detective mystery, part adventure at sea, this beautifully imagined novel immerses you in Naoma’s world, with glimpses of our old world left behind. As the narrator, Naoma’s childs eye view is clear and honest throughout, her child’s viewpoint works brilliantly in revealing her world to us. Neither dystopian nor utopian, perhaps the word ecotopian describes this novel more accurately, with courage and hope as the message it conveys." Hannah

Neoma and Jag and their small community are 'living gentle lives' on high ground surrounded by the risen sea. When strangers from the Valley of the Sun arrive unannounced, the two friends find themselves drawn into a web of secrecy and lies that endangers their whole way of life. Soon daring, loyal, Neoma must set off on a solo mission across the risen sea, determined to rescue her best friend and find the truth that will save their village.

In a post climate change affected world, this adventure with sinkholes, crocodiles, sharks, pirates, floating cities, vertical farms and a mystery to solve poses the question of how we will all live 'afterwards'. Will kindness and a sense of community win over selfish greed to preserve our planet - and humanity?


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