Anya's Ghost

By: Vera Brosgol
Location: GRA BRO
Genre: Graphic Novel- Ghost Story

* Juicy
* Spooky
* Hilarious
* Page Turning
* Darkly Humorous
 " Really sweet, really funny and really scary"

Anya is a teenage schoolgirl with all the usual insecurities about her weight, clothes, friends, etc. compounded by embarrassment over her Russian heritage. She makes an effort to lose her accent, avoid fatty Russian food, and even tells people her surname is Brown instead of her actual lengthy and complex Russian one. Upset after making another social faux pas, she ditches school and heads off to the park, promptly falling down a dry well where she meets the spirit of a long-deceased schoolgirl called Emily. So begins a strange friendship as Anya sets out to discover Emily’s killer. - Sam

“Oh, Anya! Let's have an intense spiritual relationship for no believable reason!” 


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