Girl waits with Gun

By: Amy Stewart
Location: STE
Genre: Historical Crime Fiction

" I loved every page of this smart, romping, hilarious novel" ELIZABETH GILBERT

From the New York Times best-selling author of The Drunken Botanist comes an enthralling novel based on the forgotten, true story of one of the US's first female deputy sheriffs.

"He looked up and said, in a loud, plain voice, “She’s not a regular lady.”

"Based on a true story, this fast paced book is about the Kopp sisters, mainly Constance Kopp, who becomes one of the USA's first female deputies. Constance and her two sisters were strong, witty and resourceful women living on their own in the countryside in 1914, and I quickly fell in love with the dynamic of their sisterhood. The trouble starts for them as they venture into town in their buggy and find themselves in an accident with an automobile full of less than desirable men. They soon pair up with the sheriff and try to put a stop to the thugs that continued to harass them after the accident. 

This was a fun read. The author did a great job bringing humor and lightness to situations that could have been written with a darker edge. There were a few times I was even laughing out loud! I will be looking forward to her next book with Constance Kopp and her sisters!"

"This is an intelligent, enjoyable, and fun read. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction and wants a pleasurable read. If Stewart writes another Constance Kopp caper, I’m definitely reading it, even if it’s pure fiction. Stewart has proven to be a wonderful fiction writer."  Barbara


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