My Cool Caravan


By: Jane Field Lewis, Chris Haddon and Hilary Walker
Location: NF 629.226FIE
Genre: Quirky Fun! Coverting muchly!

This book I bought because of my daughter Sarah, who always wanted a cute rustic or retro caravan to escape into the wonders of NZ.
This is her dream and this book will feed her wonderlust- an irresistible desire to travel using a caravan.
Not me- I am a campervan person- hate the idea of towing something, I love the idea of roaming, parking and being, not having to unhitch and reverse and yet these little beauties are kind of appealing...
The caravans featured in this book are stark, sweet and inspiring. Be forewarned; if you read this book, you'll covet these tiny mansions, and then, you'll likely fantasize about drastically downsizing and slipping away into a towable rustic or retro dwelling of your own.


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