A Heart In A Body In The World

 By: Deb Caletti
Location: FIC CAL
Genre:  Mental Health, Contemporary Fiction

“She survived something big, and when you survive something big, you are always, always aware that next time you might not.”

“This is one for the ages.” —Gayle Forman,
“A book everyone should read right now.” —The New York Times Book Review
“A vital and heartbreaking story that brings together the #MeToo movement, the effects of gun violence, and the struggle of building oneself up again after crisis.” —Elle

“Equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful.” —BookPage

A Printz Honor Book

Each step in Annabelle’s 2,700-mile cross-country run brings her closer to facing a trauma from her past in National Book Award finalist Deb Caletti’s novel about the heart, all the ways it breaks, and its journey to healing. Because sometimes against our will, against all odds, we go forward.

Annabelle’s life wasn’t perfect, but it was full—full of friends, family, love. And a boy…whose attention Annabelle found flattering and unsettling all at once.

Until that attention intensified.

Annabelle is running. Running from the pain and the tragedy from the past year. With only Grandpa Ed and the journal she fills with words she can’t speak out loud, Annabelle runs from Seattle to Washington, DC and toward a destination she doesn’t understand but is determined to reach. With every beat of her heart, every stride of her feet, Annabelle steps closer to healing—and the strength she discovers within herself to let love and hope back into her life.

Annabelle’s journey is the ultimate testament to the human heart, and how it goes on after being broken.

She can't truly outrun her future, but you can't tell her body that.

"This is one of the most powerful and important books I’ve read all year. It’s truly one of those books that I think is a must-read for all readers.

A Heart in a Body in the World is a story about tragedy, but also, surviving and fighting to overcome tragedy. It’s Annabelle’s story. Annabelle is a high school senior who has suffered something horrific. Her life was changed so drastically and she knows no matter what, she will never be the same.

She survived something big, and when you survive something big, you are always, always aware that next time you might not.
Annabelle doesn’t know how to handle or cope with this grief. The only thing that she can think to do, the only thing that helps, is to run. So she does. She decides to run a half-marathon every day until she crosses the country. She is running from Seattle all the way to Washington DC and nothing can hold her back.

There are many ups and downs to her journey. As her story unfolds, you get to know the build up of the tragedy, and watch everything come together. This story was heartbreaking and unfortunately something that could be tomorrows news here in the US. That is why this story is important. It felt real because it could very well be reality for anyone. That is why people need to read this book.

Annabelle is a survivor and she’s got determination and strength unlike any character I’ve read about. She was only able to do what she did with the help of others, mainly her family. Her brother, mom, and a few close friends behind the scenes, along with her Grandpa, which made me so soft. I loved how he always had her back and supported her 100% along the way.

A Heart in a Body in the World is a book I would highly recommend. It’s relevant, momentous, and a truly phenomenal read."

“It's the people who know you and love you that save you.”- Christy- Goodreads


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